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Low consistency refiner

The OptiFiner concept for mechanical pulping, recycled fiber and stock preparation applications focuses on processing to obtain desired fiber properties through accurate refiner gap control.

The OptiFiner refiner ensures stable operation and uniform refining results. This refiner features a cantilevered design with fixed stator and uniformly moving rotor. The single stable gap clearance is maintained by precise control technology.


Spare Parts and components for LC refiners

Shaft assembly

An overhauled and modified shaft assembly is available for all sizes of Conflo/OptiFiner RF refiners.


Maintenance and shutdown service for LC refining

StockBoost for refining

Tailor-made upgrades for existing refiners.

Low-consistency refining performance review

Solution for cost-effective refining.



Process and automation upgrades for LC refining

Turbine housing

Turbine Housing that replaces the existing radial outlet design with a tangential outlet.

Closed mechanical seal

Valmet-developed seal allows the use of a mechanical seal for low-consistency refiners in difficult seal water conditions.

Adjustable Gap Sensor (AGS)

Disc gap calibration during full production.

TVD - Touch point vibration detector

Replaces the old SPM/TPM system.

Mechanical seal – SealMax BA-LC

Valmet mechanical seal type BA-LC for OptiFiner Low consistency refiner.