Valmet wet end concept offers the widest scope on the market. What ever the need, we have a suitable solution for the application.

Valmet Fourdrinier Former
Application: Softwood, Low capacity, Fluff pulp

Valmet Gap Former
Application: Pulp with low dewatering properties and very high capacity machines

Valmet Top Former
Application: Hardwood, High capacity, Market pulp, Dissolving pulp 


Valmet Gap Former is the result of continuous development

The Valmet Gap Former represents the latest evolution of double-wire formers featuring effective, controlled two-sided dewatering. Web formation takes place in a fully controlled, adjustable former section. Due to effective dewatering, Valmet has been able to reduce the former length to less than half of other existing formers.

Traditional pulp drying machines consume significant amounts of energy in their vacuum systems. Vacuum pumps transfer heat to outside air and cool the web while the pumps consume a lot of electricity. These heat losses can easily be calculated and account for over 50% of your wet end energy consumption.

The Gap former utilizes mechanical dewatering methods in all consistency areas and thus avoids practically all such losses. In low consistency area from the headbox to the sealing unit, water is removed in an airless, controlled former section.


DryWay Former

Valmet Gap Former with a shoe press section.