Pulp mill processes

Tailored solutions for your success

Our wide and diverse portfolio for pulp production technologies offers adaptable solutions for any size, need, raw material and end-product. By working closely with our customers and placing heavy emphasis on R&D, we continuously expand our offering to our customers with new products and processes. Valmet offers innovative solutions for your pulp mill projects, tailored to fit your needs - all the while minimizing the environmental impact.


Wood handling

Valmet's innovative wood-processing solutions are designed to treat valuable wood-raw material as gently as possible to make it ideal for further processing and to gain the best possible yield from it.

Cooking and fiber line

Today, there is an ever-increasing demand for environment-friendly pulp production. To provide solutions for mastering this challenge, Valmet has developed a family of intelligent chemical pulping processes.

Pulp drying

Valmet offers best available technology for efficient and economic pulp drying and baling. Our wide and flexible technology offering facilitates several pulp grades with end products like dissolving, textile fluff and market pulp.

Chemical recovery

Valmet is a full-scope supplier to pulp mills, offering advanced technology for recovering and preparing cooking chemicals, and producing energy.

Mill wide NCG handling

The benefits of Valmet’s cutting-edge NCG handling technology include effective odor control and the ability to meet the ever-tightening environmental regulations, and consequently better relationships with the surrounding communities.

New value-adding processes

Valmet has several solutions for closed circles at pulp mills and for using production side streams to create new value adding products.