Customer case:

A couple of avoided unplanned production stops give a fast payoff

Aug 23, 2023

Higher production output and avoiding unplanned stops are key targets in the collaboration with Jönköping Energi, Sweden.

Close partnership leads to high operational availability despite the use of challenging fuels


Location Jönköping Energi, Sweden
Customer challenge

Knowing what issues may arise and how to address them to avoid unplanned stops and downtime. 


Process and operation support

24/7 On-call service

Outage planning and supervision

Annual inspections of main equipment, boiler, BHF, Flue gas condenser + air humidifier

Performance evaluation and reporting

Tests of boiler safety system (SRS)

Operator competence training and development, including simulator training in the DCS-based simulator. 

Result Higher production output by having more competent operators who know how to address issues and avoid unplanned stops. 

Technical summary - Valmet BFB, Combined Heat and Power plant (CHP)

Start-up date 2015
Capacity 100 MWth, 139 bar, 540 °C
Fuels Forest residue, bark, wood chips, peat
The whole training program, including the DCS-based simulator, is a good investment over time. A couple of avoided unplanned production stops give a fast payoff.”
Per Eklund, Operations Engineer