Perlen Papier AG runs a successful trial with 100% Valmet paper machine clothing

Nov 23, 2021

At best, long-term collaboration leads to mutual understanding and trust – as has happened between Perlen Papier and Valmet. As a result, Valmet was able supply Perlen Papier’s PM4 a full line of paper machine clothing for a trial run.

Perlen Papier AG and Valmet paper machine clothing

Perlen Papier AG is a family-run company located in Perlen, Switzerland. It’s state-of-the-art paper machines PM4 and PM7 produce more than 580,000 tonnes of magazine and newsprint paper per year. For almost 15 years, Valmet has been a permanent supplier of forming fabrics, press felts, dryer fabrics and shoe press belts to PM4.

“We have a long history together, and I’m very happy for the trust Perlen Papier has showed us over the years. Thanks to the latest improvements regarding the coloring of the belts, the customer is now able to utilize our paper machine clothing in all positions at the same time. We are positively looking forward to continuing the co-operation with our colleagues at Perlen Papier”, says Alfred Caseli, Product Sales Manager at Valmet.

Runnability stayed good at high machine speed

It was absolutely pleasing to hear that Perlen Papier recently set up its PM4 with 100% Valmet’s paper machine clothing – with good results.


We were generally very satisfied with the trial. During the time, we experienced a 48-hour-period without any paper breaks. After start-up, the runnability stayed on a good level at high machine speed”

-Jens Besser, Production Manager at Perlen Papier PM4


During a trial, Valmet is following the machine performance very carefully in close collaboration with the mill’s own technical staff. PM4 was reported running well with very high nip dewatering, low paper tension and low steam consumption.

One thing leads to another

The long-term relationship between Valmet and Perlen Papier has led to mutual trust – and more co-operation.

“Over the years we have had many good discussions on how to further improve the mill’s performance. We are currently very satisfied for the good position our paper machine clothing has on PM4, but just as happy about the possibility to equip PM7, one of the largest and most efficient paper machines worldwide, with our belts and forming fabrics. Forming fabrics’ good performance already led to a second order”, says Alfred Caseli.