Liansheng and Neles™ valves: flow control excellence for the pulping and papermaking industry

Jun 17, 2024


In the complex pulp and papermaking production process, precise flow control is key to ensuring stability and efficiency. This involves key parameters such as pulp consistency and fiber dispersion, and the flow control performance requirements for valves are extremely strict.

Flow control equipment often operates in very harsh environments, which also places extremely high demands on valves’ durability and reliability. To meet these challenges, Valmet is committed to providing flow control solutions and custom designs to meet the pulp and papermaking industry’s special requirements.

However, Valmet’s commitment goes beyond products alone. In addition to advanced valve products, Valmet’s flow control offering provides customers with comprehensive technical support and services. This includes regular maintenance to ensure the equipment operates at its best, and that any failures are promptly resolved. This comprehensive support makes Valmet a trusted flow control partner in the pulp and papermaking industry, providing customers with excellent performance and lasting solutions.

The key choice for Liansheng’s mill

Across Liansheng’s mill, the Neles valve series is the trusted choice for all important production areas, including the steam and condensate systems, stock preparation and other key applications. In the steam cooling system, all key steps related to steam condensate rely on Neles valves. In areas of pulp production that involve corrosive and erosive flow material, Neles valves provide reliable flow control. 

“Since we first used Neles valves in 2008, Valmet’s flow control products have almost never had problems and have demonstrated excellent stability and reliability. Over the past decade, compared to products made by other manufacturers, Neles products have performed particularly well, especially the actuators and positioners. The Neles NE7 positioner and the Neles ND9000 intelligent valve controllers have always been considered benchmark products in the industry,” says Liu Mingchao, Electrical and Instrumentation Manager in Liansheng’s White Cardboard project, expressing his confidence in the quality of Valmet’s valve products. “In terms of overall valve quality, the Neles butterfly valve is a standard triple eccentric design. There are many valve products on the market that claim to be triple eccentric, but very few can actually achieve such a precise triple eccentric design. This is where Neles stands out.”

Valmet is a trusted flow control partner in the pulp and papermaking industry.


Neles valves are indispensable to operations

This widespread and in-depth experience is based on actual use over the past decade or so. Regarding Liansheng’s insistence on using Neles valves, Liu Mingchao says: “Throughout the Liansheng’s processes, Neles products have performed well and are the only products with a very low failure rate. In contrast, products made by other manucfacturers frequently encounter various problems during use. Liansheng confidently chooses Neles valves because the products have shown excellent performance and reliability. Valmet flow control provides Liansheng’s mill with an efficient, smooth and stable operating environment, making Neles valves an indispensable and important part of Liansheng’s operations.”

Liansheng insists on using Neles products throughout the entire mill.

Reliable performance, year after year

“Valmet’s flow control solutions have long been trusted products in the pulp and paper industry. We’ve always been confident in Valmet’s flow control products, especially in the operation of the pulp line, where there is high demand for the precise control of the pulp’s consistency. We always insist on using Neles products throughout the entire mill. Especially in critical applications, such as the medium-consistency refiner outlet, we’ve found that the performance of the valves of other manufacturers often change after a year or eighteen months of use. However, Neles products can always maintain a good control performance through automatic calibration within our regular maintenance cycle.” Zong Tao, Electrical and Instrumentation Supervisor in the Liansheng project, emphasizes his confidence in Valmet’s flow control products, “Valmet’s flow control expertise and continuous technological innovation in the pulp and paper industry have resulted in products that excel in precision control, stability and reliability, making it an industry leader.”














Liu Mingchao, Electrical and Instrumentation Manager in Liansheng’s White Cardboard project

Liansheng’s choice is based on deep confidence in Valmet's flow control solutions. Here, Neles valves are not just a piece of equipment but an indispensable support for the mills’ smooth operation. This trust is based on the excellent service provided by Neles for Liansheng, creating efficient, reliable and stable flow control solutions for Liansheng’s projects, ensuring the production environment’s safety and sustainability. In every process, Valmet – and Neles valves – are Liansheng’s trusted partner, helping it achieve smooth production and sustainable business success.


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