Customer case:

Cake solids measurement elevates dewatering control

Mar 19, 2024

JEA’s Buckman Wastewater Treatment Plant, in Jacksonville, Florida, processes 28 million gallons of water every day. This is the largest regional sewer plant with advanced nutrient removal. JEA chose Valmet Dry Solids Measurement (Valmet DS), installed on the dewatering centrifuge, for accurate cake measurement. It’s been implemented for the plant wide mass balance control scheme. With Valmet’s solution the plant can now observe real-time cake solids output, allowing them for better control for their dewatering process.

JEA’s Buckman Wastewater Treatment Plant installed Valmet Dry Solids Measurement
Valmet’s Solids Measurement helps us meet solids and viscosity thresholds when process adjustments are needed.
Freddy González Vargas, PE, Manager Wastewater Treatment and Reuse - Buckman


Location JEA Buckman Wastewater Treatment Plant, Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Customer challenge
  • Successfully measure cake solids to offer operator dewatering control
  • Implement the Valmet DS into the plant wide mass balance biosolids project 


Valmet Dry Solids Measurement (Valmet DS)

  • Sophisticated microwave technology to determine the exact cake solids up to 35% to fully optimize the dewatering process
  • Cake measurement on dewatering centrifuge
  • Implemented in Plant Wide Biosolids Optimization Project
  • Accurate cake measurement
  • Reduced laboratory sampling
  • Observe cake measurement with changes in polymer and centrifuge torque


Keywords Wastewater, North America, USA, Automation