The committees of the Board of Directors

Valmet's Board of Directors has two permanent committees: Audit Committee and Remuneration and HR Committee. The Board of Directors elects the members of the committees from among its members at its annual assembly meeting and monitors the activities.

Audit Committee's tasks

The Audit Committee monitors the Company’s financial reporting and prepares issues for the Board of Directors related to the monitoring of Valmet’s financial situation, financial reporting, auditing, and risk management. The Audit Committee convenes at least four times a year, consisting of members elected by the Board of Directors from among its members independent of the company. The majority of the members must be independent of the Company and at least one member shall be independent of the Company’s significant shareholders. The members of the Audit Committee must have the qualifications necessary to perform the responsibilities of the committee and at least one member must have expertise specifically in accounting, bookkeeping or auditing.

Among other things, the Audit Committee:

  • Assesses Valmet’s draft financial statements and interim reports, accounting policies, accounting principles of significant or exceptional business transactions, management forecasts and statements relating to Valmet’s short-term outlook
  • Assesses compliance with laws and provisions and with internal instructions, as well as assesses the efficiency of internal control and risk management
  • Approves the audit plans of internal and independent auditors and follows up reporting related to these plans
  • Prepares for the election of independent auditors, monitors the statutory auditing of the financial statements and consolidated financial statements, assesses and reviews the auditors’ reports with the auditors, and assesses the quality and scope of the audit. Additionally, it assesses the independence of the auditors, particularly any impact on independence arising from other services they offer to Valmet. 
  • Pre-approves all non-audit services provided by the independent auditors
  • Assesses Valmet’s financial reporting and reporting methods in collaboration with the Company’s management, internal audit and an external auditor or other external experts
  • Reviews Valmet’s Corporate Governance Statement
  • Approves the procurement principles for external auditing services and an external auditor’s annual auditing fees
  • Maintains procedures enabling the receipt and processing of complaints related to accounting, internal control and internal auditing, and the potential anonymous and confidential reporting by employees of misconduct, fraud, and accounting and auditing issues.


Audit Committee in 2022

The members of the Audit Committee are Eriikka Söderström (Chairman), Pekka Kemppainen and, until the Effective Date, Mikael Mäkinen, after which Anu Hämäläinen will replace Mikael Mäkinen as a member of the Audit Committee.


Audit Committee in 2021

The members of the Audit Committee comprides of Eriikka Söderström (Chairman), Tarja Tyni and Pekka Kemppainen.

The Audit Committee held six meetings in 2021 and the total attendance rate was 100 percent.

In 2021, the Audit Committee’s special focus was on the execution and progress of the new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, risk management, information security,
critical project management and Finance Transformation project. The Audit Committee also followed the progress of Neles acquisition.


Remuneration and HR Committee's tasks

The committee convenes at least twice a year and consists of the committee chairman and at least two members. All the members are independent of the Company. The President and CEO participates in the meetings, excluding those situations, in which the agenda item relates to him. Among other things, the Remuneration and HR Committee:

  • Reviews and monitors the competitiveness of Valmet’s remuneration and incentive systems and the development of personnel related issues, such as competence and talent development and successor planning of Valmet’s senior management
  • Evaluates the performance and compensation of the President and CEO
  • Prepares and makes proposals to the Board of Directors for the compensation and benefits of the President and CEO
  • Makes proposals to the Board of Directors for the appointment of the Valmet Executive Team members, based on the President and CEO’s preparations
  • Decides upon the remuneration and benefits of the Valmet Executive Team members. The committee may authorize its chairman to decide upon the remuneration and benefits of these officers.


Remuneration and HR Committee in 2022

The members of the Remuneration and HR Committee are Mikael Mäkinen (Chairman), Aaro Cantell and Monika Maurer.


Remuneration and HR Committee in 2021

The Remuneration and HR Committee comprised of Mikael Mäkinen (Chairman), Aaro Cantell and Monika Maurer.

The committee had four meetings in 2021 with a total attendance rate of 100 percent.

In 2021, the Remuneration and HR Committee’s main focus was on the continued implementation of the new longterm incentive plan as well as the establishment of ESG-related target setting within the plan. The Committee developed remuneration reporting and succession planning further.