High-speed scanners for precise quality control

Valmet IQ Scanner

Valmet IQ Quality management system_scanner_1296x412.jpg

At the heart of the Valmet IQ quality control systems are Valmet IQ Scanners. Featuring unique adaptive scanning capabilities, they can be used with a wide of range high-quality online measurements for precise quality control.

Fast edge-to-edge scanning provides accurate data for precise quality control of the whole sheet

Robust construction and easy access design minimize maintenance

Industrial Internet readiness ensures support for efficient asset performance management

Fast scanning for rapid change response

The essence of successful quality control system (QCS) is knowing what is happening at any given moment. The QCS must manage process upsets and transitions precisely to minimize waste and achieve the highest possible efficiency.

Valmet IQ Scanners intelligently adapt to the process situation as it unfolds. For example, during startups, run-ins, web break recovery or grade changes, the scanner speeds are optimized to the exact MD and CD control needs of the moment. Edge-to-edge scanning controlled by precise sheet edge detectors ensures consistent total sheet profile control.

By varying scanning speeds, accelerating and decelerating near the sheet edges and increasing the edge dwell time, MD variations are significantly reduced compared to single-speed scanning. CD profiles are rapidly corrected, and MD paper quality is stabilized as quickly as possible.

Future-proof scanners for stable quality over a lifetime

In addition to the full-sized IQ Scanner, the smaller Valmet IQ Single-Sided Scanner with one sensor is available for specific applications, such as moisture measurement after a size press and at the coater for coat-weight measurement. Both IQ Scanners and IQ Single Sided Scanners can be can standalone or integrated solutions.

For fixed-point measurements that don’t require scanning movement, we offer the Valmet IQ Fixed Point C-frame. This unit is ideal for moisture, color and fiber measurements, for example, in tissue machines.

For converting applications, where environmental conditions are milder, compact IQ Converting Scanner is the most suitable solution. This unit is ideal for special applications, such as moisture measurement at corrugated board machine and silicone or adhesive measurement on a self-adhesive laminator.

All Valmet IQ Scanners provide forward compatibility, fully supporting Valmet Industrial Internet solutions, making future automation investments easier and more effective.