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Precision scanning for extra wide measurement areas

Valmet IQ Scanner XL

For paper and board lines with big machines, the Valmet IQ Scanner XL is ready to deliver best-in-class quality control. The scanner uses Valmet’s unique adaptive scanning techniques to measure wide edge-to-edge sheet quality.

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Reliable scanning for big machines

Very large machines present unique quality control challenges. Long edge-to-edge distances can cause sheet flutter and other measurement disturbances.

Built to withstand harsh and dusty environments, the Valmet IQ Scanner XL delivers the same speed and stability of smaller IQ Scanners. Using a tall, rigid frame designed specifically for very large machines, the Valmet IQ Scanner XL ensures accurate measurement performance across the entire sheet.



Trouble-free operation

Up to eight IQ Measurements can be used in a single Valmet IQ Scanner XL. The measurements feature standardized designs that increase accuracy and reliability, while simplifying servicing. All cables and connections are integrated into the scanner, eliminating the need for external hardware and control room connections.


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Simple, future-proof installations

Scanner installation is simple and straightforward thanks to the easy-access construction and built-in connectors and cables.

Forward compatibility is guaranteed with full support for Valmet Industrial Internet solutions. All internal diagnostics from the scanners are available for effective fleet management.

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