Intelligent scanning for nonwovens and paper converting

Valmet IQ Scanner S

The Valmet IQ Scanner S delivers high-precision scanning specially designed for nonwovens and converting applications. Variable speed for optimal scanning and real-time data help ensure quality stays on target.

Edge-to-edge scanning for measurement widths from 1 to 3.3 meters

Slim construction ideal for tight installation locations

Industrial Internet support for digital integration and fleet management

Designed for nonwoven and converting machines

Featuring a trimmed-down form factor compared to larger IQ Scanner models, the Valmet IQ Scanner S can be installed in restrictive spaces found in nonwoven and converting machines. The scanner also features a special mounting design that enables +/-90° rotation for optimal installation position.


Easy access layout for serviceability

A single Valmet IQ Scanner S holds up to three measurement sensors. The modular platform with a common framework for adding and servicing sensors makes adjustment and management easy.

The Valmet IQ Scanner S features a strong, yet compact frame built for trouble-free operation. The IQ Measurements themselves also feature standardized designs that increase accuracy and reliability, while keeping maintenance to a minimum.



Industrial Internet readiness

Scanner installation is simple and straightforward. All cabling and connectors are built into the drive compartment of the scanner.

Forward compatibility is guaranteed with full support for Valmet Industrial Internet solutions. All diagnostics are available for smart fleet management.