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High-performance scanner for paper & board converting lines

Valmet IQ Converting Scanner

The Valmet IQ Converting Scanner is a high-performance scanner designed for the quality control needs of paper & board converting lines. The single-sided scanner provides fast, high-resolution sheet quality profiles of moisture, temperature and coat-weight such as silicone, adhesive and different barriers.

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Precision scanning for tight location 

The Valmet IQ Converting Scanner is engineered specifically for the needs of paper and board converting lines which are requiring high-performing measurement, but installation location is typically tight.  Therefore, the scanner provides a solid measurement foundation also for precise MD and CD close loop controls.

The intelligence built into the Valmet IQ Converting Scanner also allows its scanning speed, acceleration and deceleration rates to be adjusted and controlled to suit the CD and MD control requirements. Optical sheet edge detectors ensure full edge-to-edge scanning.

Reliable measurements year after year

The Valmet IQ Converting Scanner needs minimal preventive maintenance. Intelligent sensor support technology plus built-in diagnostics ensure trouble-free operation year after year. Alarms inform service personnel for periodic maintenance tasks such as lubrication, typically required only once a year.

The scanner platform employs a modular design, providing a standard-sized slot for one single-sided IQ sensor with easy service access. A unique beam design combines compact construction with high mechanical stiffness for easy installation.

Plug-in services include compressed air, power, optional closed-circuit cooling water and digital communication lines.


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