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High-speed single-side scanning

Valmet IQ Single-Sided Scanner

Featuring intelligent adaptive scanning, the Valmet IQ Single-Sided Scanner is engineered for quality control in challenging locations with restricted machine space.


Real-time quality control

Valmet IQ Single-Sided Scanners utilize adaptive speed to ensure optimum scanning in real-time process conditions. Edge detectors ensure consistent edge-to-edge sheet profile control during startups, run-in’s, web break recovery or grade changes.

By changing scanning speeds, quality is stabilized as quickly as possible through online data that provides instant feedback on current process conditions.

Reliable and compact sensor platform

The Valmet IQ Single-Sided Scanner features a slim, yet strong beam construction. The design contours fit well into tight locations, such as moisture measurement after a size press or at the coater for coat-weight measurement.

The scanner supports one single-side Valmet IQ Measurement sensor and can be installed above or below the sheet with a ±107 rotating mount. A controlled environment inside the sensor head, with purge air and closed loop cooling or heating system, maximizes stability and reliability.

Valmet IQ Single-Sided Scanners fully support Valmet Industrial Internet solutions for advanced automation and precise quality control.



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