Valmet Spare Parts

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Regardless of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), age or model of your machine or equipment, Valmet has high-quality spare parts and related services close to you. During our more than 220 years we have developed spare part operations with one target: to maximize our support to your maintenance operations through our solid expertise in spare parts.

Daily spares

Over the decades, we have established a comprehensive expertise network. We continuously train our spare part experts to ensure they have the latest know-how about processes, machines, equipment, and tools. Today, you can find Spare Parts Experts in more than 30 Service Centers around the world. Download a flyer about daily spares.

Spare part packages

An investment for the future generates good payback. Ensure a successful start-up and reliable operations. Download a flyer about Spare part packages.

Shutdown planning services

Early engagement is the key to a successful shutdown!Get spare part recommendation for your maintenance scope to secure a successful shutdown. Download shutdown planning services.

Spare parts management

Asset management solutions​, criticality analysis and expert recommendations to optimize availability and inventory. Be in control of your assets​ - reach out to your nearest Spare Parts Expert today!

Spare parts for board, paper and tissue machines

Spare parts for tissue machines

Spare parts for tissue machines

You can benefit from high-quality OEM spare parts specifically designed for your tissue machine's operations. These parts ensure optimal operation and reliability of your tissue machines, from large-scale operations to small and medium-sized equipment. You have access to a full range of engineered parts, upgraded retrofit parts, and replacement and commercial parts.

Order spare parts through Valmet Customer Portal ePartsbook

If your mill is utilizing the ePartsbook feature on the Valmet Customer Portal, it is the easiest and fastest way to order spare parts. This tool is tailored to display only the spare parts relevant to your specific needs. If your mill has not yet adopted the ePartsbook or is not using the Valmet Customer Portal, you can still request access. This will enable you to view the Valmet spare parts catalog and track your orders with ease.

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Order spare parts without Valmet Customer Portal access

Even without access to the Valmet Customer Portal, you can still easily order the spare parts you need. Just fill out our form, and consider it done. Your request will be processed, and a quotation for your desired spare parts will be delivered to you. If you require additional maintenance or installation services, please remember to mention this in the comment section of the form.

Order spares via a form

Meet Valmet Spare Parts Experts across the world

Your best partner during shutdowns

Meet Valmet Spare Parts Expert Sam Cronin. He excels during customer shutdowns, getting hands-on to address any issues. Customers can ask questions on the spot, and our Valmet experts put their heart and soul into solving them.

On-time, quality solutions for enhanced efficiency

Meet Paras Yadav, your go-to Spare Parts Expert from India. Paras is dedicated to enhancing customer efficiency with a proactive approach to addressing customer's issues. With a focus on delivering high-quality, on-time spare parts, Paras ensures that your operations run smoothly.

Valmet spare parts also for fiberboard, power plants and marine

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Valmet spare parts

1. How does Valmet provide local Spare Part Expert support for my mill?

During the decades, Valmet has established a comprehensive expertise network. We are continuously training our spare part experts to ensure they have the latest know-how about processes, machines, equipment and tools. Today, you can find Spare Parts Experts in more than 30 Service Centers around the world, ready to serve you.

2. Why Valmet spare parts are the preferred choice?

Choosing Valmet spare parts means investing in quality, reliability and convenience. Whether you need spare parts for your machinery within pulp, paper, or energy industries, we've got you covered with our Valmet parts.

With over 220 years of experience, we have developed our spare part operations to maximize our support to your maintenance operations. Our long history and commitment to excellence mean that when you choose Valmet, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to your success.

No matter where your mill is located, our global network of service centers ensures that we’re always close by. We’re committed to providing you with prompt and efficient service, wherever you are.

3. How and where can I track my Valmet Spare Part order?

Tracking the delivery of your orders is available for Valmet Customer Portal users. In Valmet eStore you can find a spare parts catalogue that makes it easy to purchase parts specific to your mill. In Order history you can follow shipping and track deliveries. You don't have Valmet Customer Portal access yet? Read more here and request access for Valmet Customer Portal.

4. How does the spare part expert service effect on the machine's downtime?

By using our spare parts, upgraded parts and retrofits, you can ensure optimal performance and longevity of your equipment. Our spare parts are engineered to fit seamlessly with your equipment regardless of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). The quality construction of our spare parts reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. Using Valmet spare parts can extend the lifetime of your equipment, providing a greater return on your investment. Additionally, we have long experience and know-how in helping customers with lifecycle costs and criticality assessments on a mill level.



Order your mill's spare parts today

What are spare parts? They are replacement parts that ensure your machinery operates flawlessly.  That's why we never compromise on quality. Each Valmet spare part is meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the highest industry standards. Our daily spare parts concept includes a full range of engineered parts​, upgraded retrofit parts​, replacement parts​ and commercial parts.

Our comprehensive range of spare parts caters to various industries, including pulp, paper, and energy. From bolts and nuts to bearings, seals and more, you are covered with Valmet parts. We also offer expert support to help you find the right spare parts for your machinery. Our prompt and efficient service minimizes disruptions, keeping your operations running smoothly.