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Valmet Customer Portal

Valmet Customer Portal is a custom tailored one-stop shop, where we provide you visibility to the full collaboration with Valmet. Whether they be everyday operations or strategic performance plans, they are all brought to you in one place for your organizations benefit.

The portal ensures projects, information, documents and Valmet people are easy to reach. Based on organizational roles, we provide different levels of content depth to users and managers. 

Easy and efficient

Create cases and follow them

Contact our performance centers by creating a case. You can actively participate in conversations or just follow the progress. 

Find documents

Service reports, memos, drawings, instructions, and manuals are all in one place, always at your disposal. 

Order spare parts and track deliveries

In Valmet eStore you can find a spare parts catalogue that makes it easy to purchase parts specific to your mill. In Order history you can follow shipping and track deliveries. 

Find and enroll in Valmet courses

You can find both online and on-site courses and programs suitable for your company. Enroll yourself and your team in relevant Valmet training and track your team's learning progress and training roadmaps. 

Contact Valmet professionals

You can start a chat with a Valmet contact one to one, or have a dedicated chat group around a topic.

View equipment status and maintenance plans

Stay informed on the status of your assets: Paper Machine Clothing, Rolls, Valves and more. We keep you up to date with what is currently in machine, what is in stock, when to expect deliveries and what maintenance plans we have in place for your assets.  

What can I do in Valmet Customer Portal

The portal provides you value whichever your role. Explore a few examples below.

Maintenance personnel

Maintenance personnel

Visibility to equipment status and plans

Planning shutdowns and maintenance actions, as well as managing inventory often go hand in hand. In “my equipment” you can see the status of several different assets. The information contains rolls, paper machine clothing, valves and more. In addition to asset overview and status, documentation regarding the equipment is also easily found.

Shutdown planning and maintenance actions are planned in collaboration with Valmet. The agreed upon actions are documented and saved in the portal for both parties to access and review.

Industrial internet applications in My process performance

Data from your processes can be used to monitor, predict and improve your performance. It also enables you to be a step ahead on rising maintenance needs, giving you confidence in your decisions. Through the portal you can access your analytical tool from Industrial Internet offering.

Performance center collaboration

There are dedicated performance centers whose mission is to help you. New cases are created in the portal. You can follow the status of cases, as well as the case related discussions.  



Agreement management and competence building

All the meetings and tasks within the scope of a sales, service or delivery project can be made visible for you and all the relevant stakeholders. This is making it easier to have transparency and a common goal, without thousands of emails. The portal is serving as a channel that simplifies and optimizes communication around bigger projects.



Once we have moved on to project delivery phase, our recommendation is to handle all warranty period communications in the portal. This ensures full transparency to both sides and is the key to good, timely collaboration.


Manage agreements

Benefit fully from your agreement with Valmet through complete comprehention of your agreement coverage. In the portal you can see all your Valmet agreements, their duration, and information to your Valmet contact persons. You’ll be in control, you can use this visibility to plan years ahead.



When you have invested in new equipment, machinery, or automation it is fundamental to learn how to operate it properly. Through the portal your team can access on-boarding and courses to ensure their competence levels are where they need to be. As a manager, you can schedule and follow up on your teams learning to ensure everyone acquires the new skills. Once this is accomplished you can be confident that the investment pays off.





ePartsbook just for your needs

You'll save time when ordering spare parts through the portal when you use the ePartsbook. It displays only the relevant spare parts for you.

Follow the delivery of your orders

You can follow the status of your spare parts deliveries in order history. By clicking an order, you will find useful information on shipment and delivery dates. In best cases you will also get the tracking number and be able to follow the delivery in real time.

Create a case

One way of asking for a quote is to contact Valmet's Spare parts center. This will create a case that will be handled quickly. You can follow the progress of the case and so can your colleaque when you're on holiday.  



Industrial internet applications in My process performance

You can monitor and predict performance based on process data. Improve your productivity, profitability, consumption and measure other relevant KPIs. Connect to the analytical tools of your choice from Valmet Industrial Internet offering. 

Performance center collaboration via chats

You can be contacted and supported by professionals at Valmet's Performance Centers across the world, when the data signals that actions should be taken. The insights may result in recommendations to replace parts in the machine or equipment, which would be easily findable through the ePartsbook.

When several persons are involved to solve an issue, a group chat is a convenient and efficient way to collaborate. The group chat is facilitating information sharing and transparency within your organization.


With the rapid pace of development, ensuring up to date know-how is securing your competitive edge. You can use the search function to find courses corresponding to your profession. You can even request company specific courses through the portal.


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