Valmet selected to replace automation systems at Oji Group’s mills in Japan

Jan 15, 2020

Valmet is selected to replace automation systems to Oji Group’s subsidiaries in Japan. The order includes Valmet IQ Quality Control System to Oji Paper Yonago mill and Valmet DNA Automation System to Oji Nepia Nagoya mill. The new systems will replace the old systems from other suppliers and enable the mills to improve the machine reliability and efficiency.

The new investment in Oji Paper Yonago mill will enable the utilization of the accurate measurements together with multivariable control solution, which improves the reliability and end-product quality. In Oji Nepia Nagoya mill, the installation of the new automation system will integrate the existing Valmet IQ quality control system into Valmet DNA Automation System, which will make operation and maintenance much easier.

“We are happy to provide our leading technology to Oji. With our knowledge on process, automation and service, we’re able to offer a complete solution to meet customer’s needs,” says Keon-Yeong Yoon, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Automation, Valmet.


Information about Valmet’s delivery 

Valmet’s delivery for Oji Paper Yonago mill consists of Valmet IQ Quality Control System with two scanners and related measurements and controls. With more accurate data available and new control technology, the machine can be controlled much better than before resulting in improved machine performance and end-product quality. Faster start-ups and grade changes increase production efficiency. The delivery is scheduled for the second quarter 2020.

Valmet’s delivery for Oji Nepia Nagoya mill includes Valmet DNA Automation System for the process control. New solution will integrate process and quality controls in one system. This will enable easier and more efficient operation and maintenance through common operator interface and engineering environment. The start-up is being implemented in January 2020.


For further information, please contact:

Keon-Yeong Yoon, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Automation, Valmet, +82 1043591136

Setsuo Suzuki, Director, Japan, Valmet, +81 862123277