A formula for safety in pharmaceutical industry processes

Safety, timeliness, and consistency are essential ingredients for creating quality products. But what impact do these concerns have on your process environment? Manufacturing reliable products and sustaining an efficient, hygienic process are vital components of your plant operation. Explore how finding the right flow control solutions from a trusted supplier such as Valmet can have a positive impact on your process efficiency.

For the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, we are excited to share with you how implementing our proven field-based digital communication technologies will provide you a competitive edge for your rotary and linear valve automation needs and networked valve control devices in sanitary applications regardless of valve manufacturer.

Improving worker safety with intelligent valve controllers

Activate the “wink” feature to quickly locate and identify which field device needs service – even while it remains online!

The pharmaceutical industry is faced with a unique set of challenges when integrating and§§ installing flow control devices. Incorporating safety procedures are essential for plant personnel installing and maintaining your equipment. What if workers could easily identify and access automated valves without climbing on skids, especially two-story super skids? Our flow solutions, especially our valve controllers and monitors, provide opportunities for maintenance staff to put away the ladder and keep their feet safely on the ground. Simply activate the “wink” feature to quickly locate and identify which field device needs service – even while it remains online!

Ease of valve identification saves time

Just as immediate availability of medication plays a vital role in patient welfare, optimizing technology within your process environment is a prescription to reduce costs. Save time and extend valve life with a smart device that enables easy setup, fast commissioning and efficient service and maintenance. This will deliver a perfect dose of accurate flow control into your industrial process. The functionality from our Wireless link app, especially the diagnostic capability, provides easy, safe and secure access into the health of your field devices.

You can record and identify valve tag ids and remotely monitor valve function, including travel position, time to open/close, and cycle count of your valve, allowing workers to quickly identify and address problems before they cause danger or downtime. This swift action also allows you to extend the life of critical valves. Additionally, if your process is designed for externally mounted solenoids or better suited for internal integrated solenoids, Valmet offers valve controllers for either configuration and they are suitable for conventional or bus network applications.

Consistency through batch repeatability

Repeatability from batch-to-batch is an essential step through all stages of your processes. While high-quality valves allow the flow of materials through the pipeline, it is typically the valve controllers that deliver the required intelligence and accuracy. When integrating the correct products for valve monitoring, you have repeatability and can reduce total life cycle costs. Our Stonel Prism valve controller, designed for linear valves, is especially suited for installation in your sanitary applications. The commissioned assembly provides better accuracy for your flow. The compact, smart design allows repeatable position indication using automatic tuning of the open and closed deadband. With the 4-20mA Expeditor feature, you get precise control of stroke position with a precision 4-20mA control signal.

Direct attachment regardless of valve make, model or manufacturer

It is also crucial to be able to maintain performance, accuracy, and stability across a device’s life cycle. Our valves, actuators and valve controller solutions are all designed, engineered, tested and manufactured to deliver universal, high-quality performance in industry processes and applications.

Did you know our valve controllers are not limited to installation on just Neles ball, butterfly and globe valves? All devices can be mounted to third-party valves and actuators. The Prism mounting design for linear valves allows the assembly to rotate in 45-degree increments which minimizes tubing constraints. Our universal mounting design means fewer SKUs are required to be managed in your plant, which speeds up your response time during unplanned downtime. Our switches also require less tubing and cabling to complete the valve assembly, allowing them to easily conform to the needs of modular process skids and flexible manufacturing.

At any time, please contact us for guidance about which product to use for sanitary applications in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries as well as other industrial process environments.

The text has been updated in April 2022, due to the company name change to Valmet.

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