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Dewatering elements for board and paper machines

Increased production capacity and improved quality with proper initial drainage

Dewatering equipment beneath the forming fabric helps drain water from the stock and conduct it away into the whitewater system. We can offer you a comprehensive range of ceramics and polyethylene dewatering elements, and adjustable foils to suit all positions and OEM machine configurations.

Let us be your co-driver for success

Valmet solutions that combine parts and expert support will drive your production performances further. When you choose Valmet performance parts you are not just buying wear parts. You are also gaining greater availability, higher end-product quality and enhanced productivity.

With the combination of parts and expertise, we can together make a difference at every stage of your production process. We have increased production output and decreased total costs together by applying optimal performance parts to each position.


Further strengthening OEM expertise

Acquiring Coldwater has enabled us to expand our dewatering services offering through more expertise on dewatering elements and further strengthened product portfolio.

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Over the past 15years, we have chosen Valmet time and time again because of the people, equipment, and capabilities. Valmet’s Sales and Service teams have partnered with us exceptionally well- they are focused on our needs and are very responsive.”

Ed Flaherty, Superintendent, Woodland pulp

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Are you looking to increase productivity and additional dewatering capacity? If so, we're excited to share how our co-drivers helped a mill go from taking a full shift to replace table blades to now taking only 30 minutes!

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Carefully selected materials for the longest lifetime and quality

Our carefully selected materials are used in different applications for different purposes. For example, we finalize our ceramics to very low surface roughness to make sure that fabric wear and power consumption is minimal.

Typical application/ Machine concept

Ceramic material


Surface quality (Low power consumption,
low fabric wear)

Investment cost

  • < 800m/min all wet positions
  • 800-1200m/min fourdriniers before waterline
Premium Aluminum Oxide Stars.png image73fw.png Stars 1.jpg
  • > 1200m/min fourdriniers
  • Gap formers
  • High vacuum positions
  • Stressed positions
Premium Silicon Carbide Stars4.png Stars5.png Stars 3.png
  • >1200m/min fourdriniers
  • Gap formers
  • Stressed positions
Silicon Nitride blobid0.png Stars 4.jpg Stars.png
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Dewatering Element Ceramic

  • Wear resistant materials offer long and trouble-free operation and optimized dewatering
  • Short delivery times
  • Grinding and repairing service available

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Dewatering Element Poly  1000-8000

Whether you need conventional or specially designed
components, Valmet’s Service experts have many years
of experience serving the board and paper industry,
helping to select and produce all types of drainage
components.  Our polyethylene materials are formulated and
developed to deliver optimum performance across a
wide range of operating conditions.

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Ceramic dewatering element positions on OptiFormer multi forming section

Ceramic dewatering element positions .jpg




  1. Forming board
  2. HydroFoil
  3. VacuFoil
  4. High-vacuum foil box (wet suction box)
  5. Support Foil
  6. Transfer Suction Box
  7. HiVac1
  8. HiVac2, HiVac3
  9. Top Suction Formation Shoe

Meet your co-driver for Valmet Dewatering Technology

Join us as we discuss the latest in dewatering technology with Guy Bedard, Product Manager, Headbox and Forming, Valmet North America. During this interview, Guy outlines the features and benefits of partnering with Valmet to improve your performance through forming section enhancements

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