Dewatering system upgrade supports capacity increase at Gulf Paper Manufacturing Company

May 24, 2024

Over the years, Gulf Paper Manufacturing Company has gradually upgraded its production lines to increase capacity and improve the quality of production. Recently, the company chose Valmet to deliver a dewatering system upgrade to enable a further capacity increase of the Fahaheel mill’s PM1.

Gulf Paper Manufacturing Company, GPMC, established in 1979, was the first company to manufacture paper in the area known as the Gulf region in the Middle East. Today, the company produces tissue paper, fluting and white top testliner with an annual capacity of 70 000 tons.

Continuous improvement is important

At its paper mill in Fahaheel, Kuwait, GPMC operates a tissue paper and a packaging paper production line. The production lines have been upgraded several times to achieve the targets set for capacity and quality as well as for sustainability. Just recently, a decision was made to invest in a dewatering system upgrade to be delivered by Valmet.

Mr. Ahmed Kasim, Plant Manager and Mr. Ghaleb Ahadhrami, Projects and Developments Manager at Gulf Paper Manufacturing Company comment:

To meet the growing demand for our high-quality paper products, we are continuously looking for ways to increase our production capacity. For PM1, our target has been to do so by increasing the machine speed. However, up until now, the speed increase hasn’t been possible due to a drainage limit in the current dewatering system.

Dewatering system update also improves product quality

Valmet’s delivery includes the upgrade of the drainage table and of the related dewatering system, including vacuum control valves.              

The upgrade will remove the bottlenecks and enable the production capacity increase GPMC is looking for. The new dewatering system will also provide flexibility required by the different paper grades produced, securing a positive effect on product quality. In addition, the automatic valves installed to all vacuum units enable better vacuum regulation leading to enhanced dewatering process and energy savings.

“We are happy to deliver the dewatering system upgrade to GPMC, as it shows that our customers are gradually starting to recognize the added value of new Valmet dewatering products and related technology. At the same time, we are looking forward to continuing the cooperation with GPMC with planned upgrades to other machine sections,” says Luigi Lupi, Product Manager, Wet-end Products at Valmet.