Customer case:

Short lead time of Valmet SymZS Nip Roll reconditioning

Jan 23, 2024

Bukit Muria Jaya PM 3 press section SymZS Nip Rolls were running for more than ten years without servicing. The need for servicing was recognized, but the challenge was the lack of spare rolls. Depending on the process and market situation, a roll change was needed every two to four weeks. The customer therefore asked Valmet to perform roll and roll gear full reconditioning within a two-week turnaround. The Valmet Service Center in Cikarang was ready to take on the challenge, and with good planning and project handling, this target was successfully met.

Short lead time of Valmet SymZS Nip Roll reconditioning

In a tight production schedule, Valmet was able to meet the SymZS roll reconditioning target in two weeks,” say Hikmat Suparman, Factory Manager and  Christian Anton, Workshop Paper Dept. Manager, PM 3, PT. Bukit Muria Jaya, Indonesia



PT. Bukit Mura Jaya mill in Karawang, Indonesia

Customer target

Due to SymZS Nip Rolls’ technical age and a lack of spare rolls, the customer was looking for a solution with a fast reconditioning turnaround time.


Valmet was ready to take on the challenge. Before the roll was sent to the Valmet Service Center in Cikarang, the whole reconditioning project was planned and scheduled carefully. A slightly bigger than normal spare part package was selected to reduce the roll delivery time risk.

  • The two-week turnaround time was met.
  • The roll and roll gear were fully reconditioned, tested and delivered to the customer according to the planned roll change time.
  • The delivered roll is running well after its reconditioning.
  • The risk of reduced production quality and performance due to the roll’s mechanical condition was eliminated.
  • Thanks to this successful SymZS Nip Roll reconditioning project, a spare roll reconditioning project will follow.


Technical data

Start-up year: 2013
Grade: Cigarette paper
Production: 70 tonnes/day
Width: 4,5 m
Speed: 600 m/min