Customer case:

Juntai Technology overcomes a shoe press challenge in pulp drying

Jan 17, 2022

A shoe press bottom roll’s poor performance was a restricting factor not only for Juntai Technology’s pulp drying machine but the entire mill. The performance of the shoe press was unstable, and its nip load could not reach the design value. Valmet’s roll service experts evaluated the problem through a remote connection and now a new shoe press solid roll has been running continuously more than two years.

Shoe press challenge in pulp drying
Valmet can provide a full range of products and services and, is a good partner we can trust.”
- Mr. Chen Wensheng, Manager, Energy Business Department


Location Hunan Juntai New Material Technology Co., Ltd. in Huaihua, China
Customer target

Improve the performance of shoe press, reach the nip load targets and reduce a shutdown risk for the entire mill.

  • Valmet’s roll experts evaluated the problem through a remote connection.
  • New shoe press bottom solid roll with optimized roll head was designed without changing the critical roll dimensions.
  • The roll was covered with Valmet Press Roll Cover VT composite cover.
  • The bearing seat sealing structure was modified.
  • The new shoe press bottom roll was installed during an annual production shutdown.
  • Pulp drying machine has been running stably more than two years
  • The nip load of the shoe press is maintained at 1,000 kN/m in stable operation

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The shoe press bottom roll is the key equipment of our pulp drying machine, and it was a restricting factor for our entire mill. Based on the current situation, its performance meets our expectations”
-Mr. Yajun Sun, Pulp Making and PDM Facility Manager, Juntai Technology