Customer case:

Pick-up roll running time extended at Hamburger Hungaria

May 22, 2023

Hamburger Hungaria was troubled by short running times, an unscheduled downtime and extensive maintenance on its PM 7 pick-up rolls. In 2019, Valmet delivered two oil-lubricated pick-up rolls with a two-suction chamber solution to the mill and the running time of pick-up suction roll more than tripled.

Pick-up roll running time extended at Hamburger Hungaria
We’re very satisfied with the roll performance. With the new Valmet suction roll including a Shell Flow shell cleaning shower and Lock Seal axial seals, we were able to get rid of shell plugging and axial seal wearing issues. Moreover, the roll running time was extended from four to 14 months."
Attila Varga, Technical Manager, Hamburger Hungaria


Location Hamburger Hungarial mill in Dunaújváros, Hungary

Customer target

The mill was looking for a solution to extend pick-up suction roll running times by avoiding shell hole plugging and axial seal wearing issues. They had been causing unplanned roll changes every three to four months.


Valmet delivered two oil lubricated pick-up rolls with a two-suction chamber to the mill. The rolls were equipped with:

  • High vacuum extensions to improve machine runnability
  • Lock Seal to improve energy efficiency and extend the lifetime of axial seals and shell
  • Shell Flow internal cleaning shower
  • Seal Flow axial seal lubrication shower to reduce water consumption
  • Edge Blow to improve the efficiency of the pick-up roll
  • Roll running time was extended from 4 to 14 months
  • When the first Valmet pick-up roll was removed in a scheduled shutdown, the axial seals were in perfect condition, even after the long running time. They were reused
  • No additional cleaning work was required during roll operation
  • With the help of Valmet Suction Roll Upgrade Lock Seal and Valmet Suction Roll Upgrade Seal Flow the mill can achieve energy and water savings


Technical summary - PM7

Start-up date 2009

100 percent waste-based lightweight brown liner and corrugated medium

Production 470,000 tonnes
Wire width 7,8 m
Speed 1,400 m/min
Thanks to fewer roll changes and longer service intervals, we have been able to spend fewer hours on roll maintenance,” Varga points out. "In the future, we intend to extend the pick-up running time even more, by up to 24 months.”

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