That Feeling When: Valmet’s Innovation, Growth, and Community Come Together

Jun 4, 2024

This month, we are excited to highlight Donna Rundquist, ROL End to End Area Implementation Owner. Donna's journey with Valmet began in 1988, and her extensive experience and knowledge have become invaluable assets to our company.

Donna Rundquist

At Valmet in North America, our employees are the heart of our success. We are committed to innovation, sustainability, and collaboration, making Valmet a workplace where you can truly make a difference.

30+ Years of Innovation and Growth

Donna found a strong connection with Valmet’s core values. For her, innovation and growth are not just buzzwords but the driving force of our organization. Her work goes beyond profit margins; it is about protecting our environment and ensuring safety. Valmet's emphasis on work-life balance and comprehensive benefits, including healthcare and assistance programs, deeply resonates with her.

Valmet has provided me with opportunities for education and personal development. The culture encourages collaboration, whether you’ve been here for years or are a new employee.”

The Valmet Difference

For Donna, what sets Valmet apart is the dynamic environment fueled by innovative technologies and a culture of collaboration. Every day brings new ideas and problem-solving opportunities. Whether it’s tackling a technical challenge or finding a creative solution, someone at Valmet is always ready to engage and work together.

Working at Valmet means finding solutions for our customers while caring for our environment. The company promotes work-life balance and offers great benefits.”

Why Choose Valmet?

Innovation: Valmet leads the way with 1,500 protected inventions. Join us if you’re eager to learn and grow.

Community: We work together to make a difference. Valmet’s diverse global team collaborates to bring top technologies to our customers.

Employee Engagement: Our trend in employee engagement continues to rise. We focus on building sustainable relationships and being a dedicated, winning team.

Thank You, Donna!

At Valmet, our employees are more than just part of the team—they are integral to our success and innovation. Donna Rundquist’s story is a testament to the opportunities and supportive environment that Valmet offers. Whether you're an industry veteran or just starting your career, Valmet provides a place where you can grow, innovate, and make a difference.