That feeling when…you help create a vibrant work culture

Mar 5, 2024

Our latest Employee Spotlight Series is Joy Christie, Administrative Assistant, Valmet Waukesha Service Center, NA. 

Joy has been with Valmet a little over a year and a half and has shown what an asset she is as a Valmeteer: 

The people are definitely the reason why I come to work every day. We have a really unique group of people who are creative, committed and genuine. Almost every single person at this plant cares deeply about the other teammates here, and they love to come to work."

Joy not only appreciates being valued and valuing her fellow Valmeteers but shares that even with our own suppliers, she feels they are valued and respected equally to our customers and our peers.

She feels heard when she expresses interest or ideas on a potential challenge for example learning Spanish to aid the ESL workers that are on the production floor or working to grow our identity in the community by highlighting success stories and more on Valmet Viva.

All these things I've been encouraged to do. In general, Valmet is very good at recognizing your skills and strengths and then helping you pursue fun. You know, we strive to make things competitive, to reward results, and to celebrate all the wins, the big wins and the smaller. ”

Joy Christie at work

She notes that one of the many great things about working at Valmet is their focus and commitment to work life balance

Valmet promotes a very good work life balance because from the get go, you have twelve paid holidays, you have 15 vacation days and 40 hours of personal time. So I get to focus on work while I'm at work and home when I'm at home."

Thank you Joy for constantly striving for perfection and finding "joy" in the challenge!