That feeling when...camaraderie sparks growth

Mar 27, 2024

Meet Desiree Nelms-Saari (Desi), Inside Sales Specialist at Valmet Beloit Service Center, NA, our latest standout in the Employee Spotlight Series. Since joining Valmet in 2018, Desi has exemplified what it means to be both an asset and a comrade within the Valmet family.

Desiree Nelms-Saari

Desi finds immense fulfillment in the camaraderie that permeates Valmet's culture. She highlights the strength of leadership and the company's readiness to embrace innovation, whether it pertains to technology advancements or social responsibility initiatives. This environment, she notes, fosters an atmosphere where individuals are encouraged to take calculated risks where their ideas are valued and supported.

What I enjoy most about working at Valmet is the camaraderie. We have a very strong set of people in our leadership roles. I like the fact that whether we're talking about technology or social responsibility, we're always willing to take that first leap and Valmet, when it is the right time, is always willing to do that."

Despite the size of the North American sales team, Desi feels a genuine sense of comfort that allows team members to connect on a personal level. Beyond work-related discussions, they share stories about their families, hobbies, and life outside the office. This strong sense of community promotes collaboration and mutual support, contributing to a positive work environment.

Valmet's commitment to work-life balance is another aspect that Desi deeply appreciates. The company recognizes the importance of family and actively supports employees in prioritizing their personal lives.

Valmet promotes a good work life balance. I'm never fearful of having to go to my boss and say child is sick. The answer is always, yes, your family comes first.”

One of Desi's personal growth milestones at Valmet was stepping out of her comfort zone by participating in forward-thinking managers' training, despite not being in a managerial position. Though initially intimidating, this experience led to significant growth and development. Valmet's culture encourages employees to embrace challenges, facilitating continuous personal and professional advancement.

Desi's journey exemplifies Valmet's core values: Customers, Renewal, Excellence, and People. Her dedication to fostering camaraderie and her contributions as a Valmeteer are highly valued and appreciated.  Her story serves as a testament to Valmet's commitment to fostering a supportive, inclusive, and innovative culture. Thank you, Desi, for your invaluable contributions as a comrade and a dedicated member of the Valmet family!