That feeling when innovation ignites passion

Apr 26, 2024

In the bustling world of industrial innovation, there are few individuals as passionate and insightful as David Eapen, Director of Service at Valmet’s Automation Solutions in North America. With over 12 years of dedication to the company, David’s journey from a managerial role to directorship serves as a beacon of the vibrant career growth opportunities pulsating within Valmet.

In a recent interview held at Valmet’s Atlanta location, David illuminated the profound transformations underway in the pulp and paper industry.

This is a fantastic time to be interested in working in the pulp and paper industry, primarily because there are major transformations that are starting to happen, either because of demographic changes, climate change awareness and changes in human behavior. All of this is causing a major transformation in the industry and we at Valmet, and I personally believe, technology is going to play a major role in facilitating those changes.”

Technology stands at the forefront of these changes, poised to revolutionize traditional processes and pave the way for sustainable practices. Valmet, with its unwavering commitment to innovation, is positioned at the vanguard of this technological renaissance. David’s enthusiasm is palpable as he delves into the myriad possibilities that Valmet offers in the realm of automation and technology.

David embraces the virtues of effective team management. He speaks fondly of his team, highlighting their dedication to delivering high-quality solutions to Valmet’s customers. It's not just about technological advancement, but also about fostering a collaborative environment where innovation thrives and excellence is the norm.

For those eager to catch a glimpse of David’s infectious enthusiasm and insights, his interview serves as a captivating window into the dynamic world of industrial innovation. Valmet offers a wide range of opportunities to make a significant impact.

As Valmet continues to spearhead transformative change in the pulp and paper industry, it does so with the unwavering dedication of individuals like David Eapen and the entire Valmet team. Their collective efforts not only push the boundaries of what’s possible but also reaffirm Valmet’s position as a trailblazer in industrial innovation.

Valmet extends its gratitude to David and all Valmeteers who exemplify the spirit of innovation and hard work, propelling the company ever forward into a future defined by possibility and progress.