BCTMP line and BM1 start-up at Liansheng Pulp & Paper in Zhangzhou

Duration 2:08

Experience the successful startup of folding boxboard making line BM1 on May 1, 2023 at Liansheng Pulp & Paper (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd. The start-up of BM1 marks an important milestone of their integrated forestry-pulp-paper project with an annual output of 3.9 million tons. It’s another solid monument built by both Valmet & Liansheng. The filler ply pulp of BM1 is from Valmet BCTMP line, which was successfully started up on the same day. The 8,850-mm-wide (wire) board machine (BM 1) will produce folding boxboard grades with a basis weight range of 210–350 g/m2 and design speed of 1,400 m/min.

Updated; Feb 6, 2024