Customer case:

Papresa controls processes with stable consistency measurements

Feb 2, 2023

Papresa S.L. in Spain installed Valmet Optical Consistency Measurements in their OCC pulp preparation plant and paper machine PM4 to control the processes.

Papresa controls their OCC and DIP lines with optical consistency measurements
The transmitters that we set up at the OCC have provided reliable and stable measurements. They are easy to calibrate and work with, like changing the ranges or any other values. Also the sampling is very practical.

The one that is mounted in the sludge tank helps us to control our rejects and easily estimate the performance of our plant.
Arkaitz Ongay, Production Manager, Papresa


Location Renteria, Spain

Papresa installs new OCC pulp preparation equipment to achieve better results in packaging paper products. Their target is to optimize the raw material treatment process and reduce the amount of rejected fiber in the pulp preparation process. 

They also need an accurate total consistency measurement for the thick stock going to the paper machine PM4. New measurement at the de-inking plant (DIP) rejects to measure and minimize the amount of fibers and ash going to rejects.


Valmet Optical Consistency Measurement (Valmet OCR and Valmet OC2R) to measure total consistency including ash. 

  • Eight measurements were installed in the new OCC line
  • Valmet OCR measurements for PM4 thick stock
  • Valmet OC2R Measurements to control Fiber and Ash reject at de-inking plant

Valmet Consistency Samplers (Valmet Nove) ensure easy and safe sample taking for accurate calibration and follow-up. 

  • Accurate and reliable measurements with easy installation, calibration and operation
  • Consistency controls are stabilizing the OCC process
  • Better control of ash content of the rejects at the paper machine
Keywords OCC consistency, Automation, Europe