Customer case:

Accurate retention measurement of specialty paper

Jun 29, 2023

SWMINTL St Girons specialty paper mill in France used to analyze retention in laboratory punctually once a week. To control retention better and measure ash, they needed an inline measurement and selected Valmet Optical Consistency Measurement (Valmet OC2W). Valmet's measurements have proved reliable and accurate even with the challenging long fibers such as flax and hemp that tend to cling in the head box.

Valmet Optical Consistency Measurement installed in head box
We are satisfied with the results obtained with these reliable sensors, even at very low concentrations. We can note the simplicity of use (calibration) and are happy with the effectiveness of technical support for calibration and monitoring of equipment. The next step will be to control our retention.
Mr SERVAT, tech. Process SWMINTL St Girons


Location SWMINTL St Girons, France
Customer challenge
  • Get an inline measurement to control retention as well as to select the most efficient one for ash 
  • Challenging case as long fibers (flax and hemp) tend to cling in the head box
  • For white water, customer had to install a small pump because water was flowing directly into white water tank

Valmet Optical Consistency Measurement (Valmet OC2W) in head box and white water to measure total consistency including ash.

Existing ball sampling valve in head box feed was used to limit new parts to be welded and risk of fiber hooking. 

  • Accurate and reliable measurements with easy installation, calibration and operation
  • Consistency controls are stabilizing process
Keywords Optical consistency, Wet end, Europe, Automation