Valmet Rotating Consistency Measurement

Valmet RotaryValmet's new Direct Torque measurement gives the customers the industry's most reliable consistency response. It is based on Valmet patented success with its sealing solution. The new Valmet Rotating Consistency Measurement's (Valmet Rotary) unrivaled modularity gives the customers a perfect package for plug-n-play results. 


Setting a new top level in rotary consistency measurements


Valmet Rotating Consistency Measurement gives you the opportunity to link into results on several levels.

On-site maintenance:

The new compact design has fewer parts so there is less to maintain. It can be easily maintained onsite by users. Fewer parts allow for quicker maintenance work.

Fast installation:

As Valmet Rotating Consistency Measurement is smaller and lighter, it is easy and safe to handle and install. Fewer mounting parts are needed. Only a single-phase voltage supply is required, which lowers investment costs.

Process productivity:

With the newest technology, the transmitter is easy to operate without any need to learn a new interface. It enables the shortest possible stabilizing times after start-up with a fast measurement response after process stop. Overreaction and slow signal drift are history. Calibration tuning and recipe change can easily be done during production.

Financial gain:

Valmet Rotating Consistency Measurement is a modular, cost-effective investment. You can make use of your existing installations and buy only what you need. You can build your own sensor to better match your needs with the many different modular options available. All critical parts are designed for high reliability and long life.


  • Modularity brings cost-effectiveness
  • Process productivity through the latest technology
  • Fast installation with fewer parts
  • Easy on-site maintenance