Customer case:

Xinxiang Xinya Paper replaced old consistency meters with Valmet SP

Feb 7, 2022

Xinxiang Xinya Paper in Henan, China, replaced their old and damaged consistency meters with Valmet Blade Consistency Measurements (Valmet SP). Stable and accurate real-time consistency measurements enable them to manage the process well.

Blade consistency measurement at Xinxiang Xinya paper mill
Process is satisfied with the new Valmet SP performance. It is stable and the measurement has been accurate from start-up. The calibration is very easy and quick, all of these proved that we were smart to select the 4th generation Valmet SP!
Mr. Zhao Zhiyan, Automation Chief in PM7


Location Henan, China
Challenge To replace old consistency meters in dry pulp metering between mechanical pulp mill to PM7 mill, mixing chest outlet for top ply and filler ply, and pulp storage tank outlet between mechanical pulp to PM7. The operating rage is 2 – 6% Cs. 
Solution 4th generation Valmet Blade Consistency Measurements (Valmet SP) with RL sensing element
  • Stable and accurate measurement
  • Managing the process based on real-time consistency measurement
Keywords Automation, Consistency Measurement, China