Valmet High Solids Measurement - Valmet HS

Continuous accurate measurement of over 30% total solids for a wide range of industrial applications utilizes microwave technology to make a continuous and accurate solids measurement. Valmet HS makes it possible to optimize total solids levels and follow up in real time the performance of dewatering or drying processes.

  • Above 30% solids (1...70% moisture)
  • More accurate process control, chemical and energy savings
  • Reliable screw based sampling
  • Built in calibration routine
  • Industrial Internet remote access

Controls using the accurate dry solids measurement provided by Valmet HS can be used to fully optimize a variety of processes.



Sludge measurements

  • Optimized flocculent addition
  • Enables higher solids
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Better control of combustion
  • Reduced supplementary fuel use

Paper Mill HC roll press

  • Stable and accurate consistency to refining
  • Better pulp quality to paper machine
  • Energy saving potential
  • Press maintenance savings

Pulp and paper

  • Wastewater treatment plant sludge, High Consistency pulp from roll press, De-inking plant reject moisture measurement

Wood processing industry

  • Saw dust moisture measurement before pelleting

Municipal waste water

  • Sludge moisture measurement before incineration, Control of thermal drying process

Moisture measurements in other industries

  • Starch, Sugar, Gypsum


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Valmet wastewater treatment process