Valmet High Solids Measurement - Valmet HS

Continuous accurate measurement of over 30% total solids for a wide range of industrial applications utilizes microwave technology to make a continuous and accurate solids measurement. Valmet HS makes it possible to optimize total solids levels and follow up in real time the performance of dewatering or drying processes.

  • Above 30% solids (1...70% moisture)
  • More accurate process control, chemical and energy savings
  • Reliable screw based sampling
  • Built in calibration routine
  • Industrial Internet remote access

Controls using the accurate dry solids measurement provided by Valmet HS can be used to fully optimize a variety of processes.


Sludge measurements

  • Optimized flocculent addition
  • Enables higher solids
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Better control of combustion
  • Reduced supplementary fuel use

Paper Mill HC roll press

  • Stable and accurate consistency to refining
  • Better pulp quality to paper machine
  • Energy saving potential
  • Press maintenance savings

Pulp and paper

  • Wastewater treatment plant sludge, High Consistency pulp from roll press, De-inking plant reject moisture measurement

Wood processing industry

  • Saw dust moisture measurement before pelleting

Municipal waste water

  • Sludge moisture measurement before incineration, Control of thermal drying process

Moisture measurements in other industries

  • Starch, Sugar, Gypsum


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Customer success stories

Optimized control in different positions

Optimized control in different positions

Shanghai Taihe underground wastewater treatment plant stabilizes sludge pumping process and optimizes polymer dosing with Valmet Total Solids Measurements (Valmet TS) and Valmet High Solids Measurements (Valmet HS).