Optimize polymer usage in wastewater treatment and paper & board

Valmet Polymer Concentration Measurement - Valmet PCM

Valmet Polymer Concentration Measurement, PCM

The Valmet Polymer Concentration Measurement (Valmet PCM) measures polymer concentration in real time, enabling optimization of polymer use in industrial and municipal processes.

Stable polymer quality and optimal polymer concentration

Improved sustainability through more efficient polymer use and lower energy consumption

Reduce wastewater sludge transport and incineration

Better wet end retention for increased process efficiency

Optimized polymer dosing for wastewater treatment

The Valmet Polymer Concertation Measurement (Valmet PCM) delivers the most reliable and accurate polymer concentration measurement for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.

Knowing the actual polymer concentration in a process allows facilities to significantly reduce polymer consumption through accurate preparation and dosing. Steady polymer concentration in turn improves flocculation, clarification, dewatering and other key processes for effluent control.

Better performance saves energy and lowers sludge transport and incineration needs, furthering the positive environmental and social impacts of efficient wastewater treatment.

Reliable polymer measurements for paper & board

In paper & boardmaking processes, chemicals, typically polymers, are added to improve retention of fine particles and fillers during web formation. This has a direct impact on end-product quality, so getting the concentration right is essential.

Accurate information about polymer concentration together with retention measurements also helps optimize wet end performance. Real-time concentration measurements enable faster reactions to changes in the process for increased efficiency.

Reliable, industrial-grade quality and accuracy

Valmet PCM leverages decades of experience in Valmet’s optical measurement know-how in board and paper processes. The optical measurement technology in the Valmet PCM brings industrial-grade quality and reliability to polymer applications in wastewater treatment and paper & board processes.

With a compact probe design, the Valmet PCM optics maximize measurement volume. The probe uses an array of optical channels to collect scattered and reflected light. Measurement data points are captured 1,500 times per second for exceptional precision.

Automated cleaning for easy maintenance

Valmet has developed an automatic flushing system to keep the Valmet PCM probe clean and measurements stable. The integrated sensor probe flushing unit is installed to the process pipe with a water line feed from the facility.

The integrated sensor probe flushing unit is installed to the process pipe with a water line feed from the facility. Flushing intervals and duration can be configured to optimize the measurement performance. The flushing unit also includes an installation point for a manual lab sampling valve. The Valmet PCM probe itself has no moving parts and is retractable.

Technical Specifications

Specification Range
Concentration 0 - 12%
Repeatability ±0.01%
Sensitivity 0.002%
pH range 3 - 10
Pressure PN16
Flow velocity N/A (flushing unit chamber turbulence)
Flushing unit pressure Process pressure + 2bar
Water consumption With 5bar water pressure 1.3L/h (10s flushing every hour)
Solids Measurements For Better Wastewater Control

Solids Measurements For Better Wastewater Control

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