Customer case:

Reliable sludge measurement after dryer machine

Jun 19, 2023

Shanghai Zhuyan Sludge Incineration Plant, is one of the biggest incineration plants in China. They have invested in Valmet High Solids Measurement (Valmet HS) to monitor the high solid level before sludge incineration. Valmet HS uses advanced microwave measurement to continuously measure total solids over 30% and optimize the drying process so that the moisture level is just right, helping the plant stabilize their process.

Valmet High Solids Measurement installed at Shanghai Zhuyan Sludge Incineration Plant
After trial different products, we found that Valmet HS with its microwave measurement technology seems to be the only reliable measurement in the sludge application, after that it really offers us an eye to advance our stabilization techniques.
Zhuyuan Sludge Incineration Plant



Location Shanghai Zhuyan Sludge Incineration Plant, Shanghai, China
Customer challenge
  • One of the biggest incineration plant in China, Capacity: 354 ton DS/d (1st phase 131 ton, 2nd phase 223 ton)  
  • Monitor the high solid level is crucial before sludge incineration. (Total 13 units dryer machines)


Valmet High Solids Measurement (Valmet HS)
  • Offered 13 units Valmet HS stainless steel version, installed on each dryer machine outlet. 
  • The range is approx. 24% to 35%.  
  • Supply a safe, fast and credible measurement solution, fitting the customer’s needs
  • Reduction of daily human labor on high frequency sampling work
  • Monitor and control so to balance the dry solids level and energy consumption
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