Disc Filter CDI

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Open grid segments

Rigid, durable construction extends segment life.

Easy to operate and maintain

Engineered with both the operator and the mechanic in mind. 

High consistency, high freeness

A legacy of trust

As the OEM for legacy brands including GLV, Beloit-Jones, and more, Valmet has a strong technology portfolio with global services capabilities. 

New hygienic hood

Valmet Disc Filter CDI

recovers fiber from white water and thickening broke or recycled pulp from medium to large flows. Its open rotor design enables to handle low to very high feed consistency, making it the unique option for combined save-all broke thickening applications. By that Valmet can eliminate the need for separate broke thickening equipment, creating savings in operation and maintenance costs.

The open grid sector design features more than 90% open area, minimizing the accumulation of pulp and debris within the sector. This increases performance and reliability over time. Engineered and built with user experience in mind, Valmet Disc Filter CDI provides easy access for maintenance. Other benefits derived from the open rotor design of the CDI disc filter include:

  • High hydraulic capacity
  • Minimum space requires
  • Reliability
  • Faster, easier maintenance

Valmet Disc Filter CDI Brochure

Maximize fiber recovery

Lets work together to increase your versatility and performance in fiber recovery and thickening applications

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