Bow Screens

Excellent fiber recovery

Easy maintenance

Simple operation

Valmet Pressure-fed and Gravity Bow Screens

are curved inclined screens that separate liquids and solids. Valmet's industry-leading portfolio provides efficient polishing of filtrate for shower water use and flexible thickening of low-consistency stock streams, discharging at two (2) to five (5) percent consistency and effective fiber recovery from tissue machine white water.

Each model is simple to operate, easy to maintain, and delivers fiber recovery, pulp thickening, and other benefits across a range of applications.

Did you know?

Valmet is the OEM for legacy saveall and thickening equipment from GLV®, Hedemora®, and Dorr-Oliver? Contact us to learn more.

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Valmet Pressure-Fed Bow Screen

A functional, flexible solution featuring a reconfigured nozzle arrangement for higher capacity and greater runnability than any of its predecessors. Valmet Pressure-fed Bow Screen is capable of separating fiber as small as 100 microns in length from a water suspension.

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Valmet Gravity Bow Screen

A simple, effective solution for recovering fibers and other particles as small as 250 microns in length from a water suspension. This compact machine requires minimal maintenance.