Cost-efficient repulping of baled market pulps

Valmet Bale Pulping

Valmet Bale Pulpers achieve high runnability and optimal slushing results.

Bale pulping referencesValmet’s Bale Pulping solutions, including vertical and horizontal pulpers, offer cost-efficient repulping of baled market pulps. A vertical pulper is the best choice when targeting homogeneous slushing results with low energy consumption, while a horizontal pulper, with its low height requirement, is ideal for rebuilds where limited space is available.

Energy efficient rotor unit

The Valmet Bale Pulper rotor delivers a high pumping effect with efficient defiberizing at low energy levels. In batch mode, medium-consistency (6-8%) ensures the high internal friction needed for efficient defibering. In continuous mode at lower consistencies (4-6%), the rotor tolerates variations in consistency without vortex disturbances.


Key benefits

Horizontal bale pulpers

  • Low installation height
  • Vat and rotor design optimized for efficient energy consumption
  • Low maintenance requirement

Vertical bale pulpers

  • Targeted slushing results with low installation costs
  • Slushing at medium consistency allows the use of smaller vat sizes
  • Effective rotor provides a high level of production with a relatively small motor size
  • Less energy required to the desired pulping
  • Excellent runnability: the hydrodynamic rotor tolerates consistency variations in the vat
  • Wide application and capacity range
  • Reliable operation