Refining and deflaking

Refining plays a decisive role in developing the fiber properties of stock and final paper properties like strength. It also greatly affects the paper machine’s runnability. Optimal refining can also significantly impact mill energy savings.

Valmet is the global industry leader in refining technology, services and expertise. Through R&D and in-depth fiber analysis, product development, engineering, segment design and more, Valmet continues to expand its portfolio to deliver high-performing, energy-efficient solutions for all refining applications.


Refining - Backed by the industry's leading refiner technology and unmatched OEM expertise, Valmet delivers end-to-end refining solutions that are proven to optimize performance.  With over 10,000 installed units globally, our vast portfolio (consisting of conical and disk refiners, and a diverse mix of refiner fillings, plates and segments) makes up the industry's largest global installed base of refiner solutions. 



Deflaking - Deflaking offers a tool to eliminate process disturbances in an early process stage. By eliminating large particles from broke, deflaking contributes to a reduced number of web breaks and less screening rejects. Typically, deflaking is applied in CTMP, flash-dried bale pulping, in various coated paper and board machines as well as in tissue broke lines.


Refiner Segments

Refiner Segments - Working closely with papermakers, Valmet develops technologies and solutions that optimize performance based upon the pulp processing needs and refining goals of each customer mill. Valmet serves customers with the most complete offering of refining technology in the industry. Our vast array of low consistency and high consistency refiner segments, segments and fillings help drive performance across any application.


Leadership in refining

Leadership in refining

Valmet delivers end-to-end refining solutions backed by the industry's leading refiner technology and unmatched OEM expertise. Learn more about how you can reduce energy savings by up to 30% and improve your performance across any refining application by contacting us.

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