Biomass handling

Valmet's wood processing expertise is based on over one hundred years of worldwide experience. Our scope of supply covers wood processing solutions from single machines to complete wood handling lines and plants as well as various services needed in the pulp, paper and panelboard industries.


Wood is normally debarked and cut into chips before being fed into hydrolysis reactors for the production of ethanol production or other biobased chemicals. Wood in the form of sawdust is also a suitable raw material for various biorefinery products.


Several lignocellulosic annual plants or non-woods can be used as raw materials for the production of ethanol, e.g., wheat straw, bagasse (residual sugar cane after sugar extraction), reed, and empty fruit bunches from oil palm. Typical pretreatment processes before feeding the raw material into the first prehydrolysis reactor may include sand removal, cutting, hammer milling or mechanical defibration.

When the process requires drying of the biomass raw material, drying can be performed on the Kuvo Belt Dryer. Click here to read more about wood handling.

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Our expertise is at your service

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