BECO in Busan working towards the future – supported by Valmet

Jan 4, 2018

BECO, the Busan Environmental Corporation, stands for sustainable business. One of its business areas is managing and operating refuse incinerators. The Haeundae incineration disposal plant has a treatment capacity of 170 tons/day and runs with the help of Valmet automation.

At the Haeundae incineration disposal plant, the first unit built between 1994 and 1996 was shut down in 2013. The second unit was built between 1996 and 1997 and is still running today. That incinerator treats 170 tons of waste daily and covers the areas of Haeundae, Gijang, Suyeong, Geumjeong, Dongnae and Yeonjae in Busan, South Korea.


Sustainable business for local needs

In the process of incineration, communal waste is used and burned at high temperatures. Since the waste can be utilized, less landfill is needed. The steam generated will be delivered for industrial use at the same Haeundae site.

Yun Tae-Won

The manager of the plant, Yun Tae-Won, agrees with the future-oriented business focus of BECO. He believes sustainable and stable development of the incineration plant is important for the local region. According to him, the Valmet automation system is functioning well and supporting their business in the most advanced way.

Valmet’s system in use for years

Assistant Manager Jin Jae-UkAssistant Manager Jin Jae-Uk is responsible for electricity, automation and field instruments at the plant. He confirms that BECO is known for its environmental awareness and is proud of the eco-friendly process, where communal waste is turned to good use. Every year, local technical students visit the plant to learn how the waste is disposed.

Jin Jae-Uk is also satisfied with the automation system and related services from Valmet. The first automation system, Damatic XD, was installed in 1996 with Samsung Heavy Industries, Valmet’s value-added reseller (VAR). Later, the second unit got Valmet’s system too, which has been upgraded over the years according to the evolving needs.

One essential function of Valmet’s system is the Valmet DNA Operate Trend and Event Archive (TEA). “With help of TEA, we get the history of trends and events presented to us. It gives us a lot of information for further evaluation. The data is utilized and discussed every morning in our meeting,” explains Jin Jae-Uk.

Valmet DNA offers process stability and reliability

In the control room, four teams of operators work in shifts of five members each. One of the operators is Jang Jong-Hyeun. He states: “Earlier, at another site, I worked with a different DCS system, which was much more complicated to use. From my point of view, Valmet DNA is a very user-friendly system. It easily guides you to take the right steps.”

Valmet's Service Manager Lee Chung-Bae, Maintenance Manager Lee Hwangsu, Operator Jang Jong-Hyeun

From the left: Valmet's Service Manager Lee Chung-Bae, Maintenance Manager Lee Hwangsu, Operator Jang Jong-Hyeun

Maintenance Manager Lee HwangsuMaintenance Manager Lee Hwangsu has had a long career with 18 years at the plant. He emphasizes that the service from Valmet is very good. If he needs advice on a technical concern, he calls Valmet and is quickly served. “My responsibility is the maintenance of the plant. Since Valmet DNA is a stable and reliable system, it makes my work easier. It is very, very seldom that something concerning the automation system occurs.”




The role of Lee Hwangsu is very important at the plant. He knows the history of the system and all its details. He is also the main contact for Valmet and appreciates the cooperation.

New technical features, where to focus and what to exchange are always discussed with Lee Chung-Bae, Service Manager from Valmet. “We have a continuous dialog with the customer,” he states.

Lee Chung-Bae, Yun Tae-Won, Lee Hwangsu

From left: Lee Chung-Bae, Yun Tae-Won, Lee Hwangsu

Lee Hwangsu agrees that together they make a good combination: the Valmet DNA automation system, the plant operators’ own skills and Valmet’s support. This powerful package is ready to work towards a common goal: to enhance the green future of the Busan region.

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Together we make a good combination: the Valmet DNA automation system, the plant operators’ own skills and Valmet’s support. This powerful package is ready to work towards a common goal: to enhance the green future of the Busan region."
Lee Hwangsu, Maintenance Manager