Process upgrades for cooking and fiberline

Valmet automation upgrades include smart lifecycle management for optimized TCO, automation updates and installations with complete start-up and process support as well as process improvements for the entire fiberline. We provide problem-solving support and investment planning for a number of different automation platforms, always according to customer need.

Right technology for your needs

Pulp producers typically look for improved capacity and quality while maintaining or increasing competitiveness. With newest technologies, materials and designs, smart automation upgrades and solutions help reach these targets. Benefits include production cost savings, improved runnability and higher availability of automation equipment.



Nordic Paper Bäckhammer: Three steps to record performance

Nordic Paper Bäckhammer: Three steps to record performance

Valmet’s new innovative solutions have enabled Nordic Paper Bäckhammar go full speed ahead and reach pulp production levels over 800 admt/d (air dry metric ton per day) while also increasing availability, reducing emissions, and reducing maintenance costs.

Stora Enso Skoghalls Mill upgrades to Valmet Pump Feed System

Stora Enso Skoghalls Mill upgrades to Valmet Pump Feed System

Valmet has received an order from Stora Enso in Sweden to convert its existing feed system in cooking plant to a Valmet Pump Feed System.


Cooking - Process and automation upgrades

Outlet Device Bottom Bearing Kit

The Outlet Device has an important function to secure an even discharge flow and to avoid plugging of the pulp in impregnation vessel/ digester discharge.

Pump Feed Solution G3

is a feeding system for chips into continuous cooking systems to replace high-pressure feeders.

Chip Bin OB

Improve your cooking process with enhanced steaming.

Outlet Device ODS

Maintenance friendly outlet device with improved availability.

Beam Lifter

A device that allows installing scaffold beams in digester and impregnation vessels in a simple, fast and secure way.

Top Separator Kit

The Top Separator Kit gives you the possibility of upgrading your existing top separator and increasing its reliability.

Outlet Device Kit

Valmet Outlet Device Kit gives you the possibility of upgrading your existing outlet device and increasing its reliability.


TubeFlash by Valmet with a patented compact design improves your liquor condensate qualities.

Fresh Steam Regenerator

Converts hot smelling gases to odor-free steam before preheating the wood chips.

OptiFeed - batch cooking

More chips per batch and enhanced digester capacity.

Lowered Extraction Screens

Rebuild overloaded digesters with a lowering of the extraction zone.

Cross Circulation System

Reduced MP-steam consumption.

Feeder Adjustment Kit

Adjust the feeder accurately, easily and safely. An adjustment kit enables making accurate and safer adjustments to the feeder

Flexible Screen

Unique, flexible design making it a suitable replacement to all kinds of older digester screens.


Measuring alkali consistency is important to achieve the best possible result from the cooking plant to save chemicals.

Chip Level Indicator

The chip level indicator measures the current chip level in the top of the digester.


At least 30% higher feeding capacity.


Filters - Process and automation upgrades

Vacuum Valve SV for CC filter

Improvement product to increase the time for pulp cake/mat building without vacuum on CC filters.

HP Cleaning System for Pulp Filters

A clean wire ensures effective and uniform dewatering of the pulp.

Spray Pipe

A device that permits cleaning to be carried out automatically during full operation.

Take-off Device

Considerably improve the performance and runnability of all pulp washers.


Knotting and screening - Process and automation upgrades

Knot Pumping System

Sends your uncooked chips and knots back to the digester feeding line.

Low Energy Rotor

Rotor with tailor made rotor wing packages for up to 30% energy savings.


Pressure diffuser - Process and automation upgrades

Pressure Diffuser Kit

Stretch your Pressure Diffuser and reach new heights in capacity and washing efficiency.

Atmospheric diffuser kit

Gives you the possibilities to upgrade your existing single and double diffuser.

Wash Liquor Distribution Improvement

Improvement product to improve wash liquor distribution in the pressure diffuser.


TwinRoll press - Process and automation upgrades

Roll Short Roll End Seal - Compact Press®

The newly developed roll end seal is based on air-supplied roll end seal hose and is equipped with a modified roll end seal holder, improved inflatable hose and a short-seal version to prevent wear on the roll end wear rings.

Air Seal L

Air Seal L is an longitudinal seal system with pneumatic pressure seals, which substantially increases seal lifetime and eliminate sealing water to come into process

Belt Drive Upgrade - Compact Press®

Eliminate oil spill and reduce the maintenance cost.

Inlet Seal Upgrade - Compact Press®

Self-adjusting and overlapping inlet seal design minimizes fiber losses.

Vat and Flap Seal Upgrade - Compact Press®

Equipped with a larger and reinforced vulcanization area; it has also been relocated, away from the corners of the seals

Roll Bearing Seal Upgrade – Compact Press®

When the bearing housing is 100% filled with grease and refilled according to lubrication interval the bearing lifetime will increase and unplanned shutdowns due to roll bearing failure will be minimized.

Electrical roll drive

The upgrade kit for converting to electrical roll drive is available for most presses on the market.

Inlet PF

With this new type of infeed system the risk for plugging in the inlet is minimized.

Inlet RF TRP

Increase capacity by as much as 30%.

Inlet N

A modified type of inlet device designed to work with pulp consistencies of up to 6%.

Anti Rewet

An insert device for the filtrate channels designed to reduce the rewetting effect to reduce the chemical consumption.

Nip Control

Optimize the roll nip to compensate for process variations, resulting in better overall washing.

HP Cleaning System TR

Clean rolls ensure effective and uniform dewatering of the pulp.

Oil Lubrication TRP

External unit for circulating the lubrication oil on all TwinRoll presses with oil-lubricated roll bearings.

Air Seal E

Air Seal E is an end seal system with pneumatic pressure seals, which substantially increases end ring lifetime.

Doctor AD

For easier maintenance and improved Doctor blades scraping.

TRP Roll Exchangeable End Rings

Deal with worn roll ends without removing the roll from the press.

Doctor FB

Reduces the problem of fiber carry-over underneath the removal device.