Process upgrades for wood handling

Upgrades include smart lifecycle management for optimized TCO, automation updates and installations with complete start-up and process support as well as process improvements for the entire fiberline. We provide problem-solving support and investment planning for a number of different automation platforms, always according to customer need.

Right technology for your needs

Pulp producers typically look for improved capacity and quality while maintaining or increasing competitiveness. With newest technologies, materials and designs, smart automation upgrades and solutions help reach these targets. Benefits include production cost savings, improved runnability and higher availability of automation equipment.


SoundTrap SoundTrap-230x112.jpg Detects unknown particles in the material flow e.g. stones, metal pieces and lumps of ice
Wood Saver WoodSaver.png Special roll conveyor system designed to maximize wood usage efficiency in debarking lines
Carthage Knife Clearance Setting Device Easy maintenance and user friendly solution for Carthage Chippers
Split Spout SplitSpout_230x120.jpg Maintenance can be done without removing the feed chute
Chip Quality Agreement chipq_main.jpg Improve your process from the beginning
Durable Chipper Hood DurableHood.png The technology is based on an extremely hard-faced hood wrapper in all areas subject to wear
Easy Turn easyturn2_web-230x112.jpg Valmet emphasizes occupational safety with chipper knife changing device
Quick Fastening QuickLock_230x112.jpg Innovative knife fastening system with a single bolt
Chipper Thrust Bearing FBL_2105_ThrustBearing_Web_230x112.jpg Thrust bearing system for disc chippers
Easy Drive EasyDrive_230x112.jpg Chipping speed control system
Chipper disc safety locking device promo_chipper_disc_safety_locking_device.png

Safer maintenance of your chipper


Chip screening
NanoPlate NanoPlate_230x112.jpg A special coating eliminates blocked screen-plate holes