Valmet Brown Stock Quality Analyzer starts up successfully in Hokkaido Mill-Asahikawa, Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.

Apr 16, 2019

Valmet Brown Stock Quality Analyzer starts up successfully in Hokkaido Mill-Asahikawa, Nippon Paper

Valmet Brown Stock Quality Analyzer (Valmet Kappa Q1) at Hokkaido Mill-Asahikawa, Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd., Japan, has started up successfully. Hokkaido Mill-Asahikawa purchased it for its batch digester operation, producing soft wood pulp.

Hokkaido Mill-Asahikawa has been utilizing Valmet analyzer since 2003. Hokkaido Mill-Asahikawa and Valmet have a long good relationship, which has led the mill to install the latest and newest Valmet Kappa Q1 analyzer for the acceleration of process automation.

“We are happy to see the smooth start up, although this was the first case of Valmet Kappa Q1 installation in Asia Pacific. One of Valmet Kappa Q1’s strength is highly evolved automatic consistency adjustment function. In addition, shutdown and startup of the main unit is very easy. It makes the maintenance work easier and analyzer more durable. Furthermore, we appreciate the good trainings from Valmet’s local professionals.” says Mr. Hiroyuki Hasada, Senior Staff of the Mill’s Engineering Department.

“Valmet Kappa Q1 provides fast and stable measurement value with automatic sample amount adjustment. It always supports our customers’ operation during not only normal state but also startup and shutdown. Global professionals of Valmet help with the installation and startup remotely. Remote connection is added into our delivery scope, our Finnish experts can log into the system remotely, check the product status and troubleshooting, Hokkaido Mill-Asahikawa is satisfied with our product and remote service” says Masaki Fukui, Service Engineer, Valmet Automation Japan.

From left to right: Masayuki Tani (Valmet Japan), Hiroyuki Hasada (Hokkaido Mill-Asahikawa, Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.) and Masaki Fukui (Valmet Japan).

Technical details about Valmet Kappa Q1

The new Valmet Kappa Q1 has been developed as a stage specific analyzer to provide increased measurement frequency of Kappa number in high yield kraft pulping. Using a similar sweep measurement (pat. pending) as Valmet's very successful multi-point kappa analyzer, the advanced technology ensures exceptional accuracy and stability. The analyzer utilizes well proven sampling device technology with a new and innovative sample handling principle to the nearby compact measuring unit where it is washed and pulp Kappa number measured. To ensure the safety and availability, analyzer is not mounted in the process pipe. Only the process sampling device is connected to the pressurized process, and the measurement itself is thus unaffected by vibration and safely accessible without a process shutdown.

Self-adjusting process sampling and sample transportation, optimized sample washing and pre-calibration with customer pulp samples all make commissioning exceptionally fast and easy. Two models are available with measurement characteristics optimized for Kappa ranges of 9 to 50 or 35 to 120. User safety is further improved with the built-in laboratory sample collector isolated from the process. The analyzer requires minimal maintenance and features chemical based self-cleaning for trouble free operation. With the built-in touch screen display, all analyzer operating parameters, operating sequences and diagnostics together with operating instruction are all instantly available. Remote configuration and operation as well as Industrial Internet capabilities also provide the possibilities of remote specialist support from Valmet.

About the customer

The Hokkaido Mill-Asahikawa, Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd., is in the center of Hokkaido. It was established in June 1938 as a supplier of pulp with good location for getting chips, wood and water. After that, it has been making various and excellent quality paper along with the history transition. Based on the tradition and technology for many years, it has been producing fine paper, data processing paper, special paper, kraft paper, board paper, etc. Since November 1998, it has been registered with ISO 14001 and has taken care to energy saving and emission reducing. Furthermore, biomass boiler has been started up since October 2008, contributing to the oil-less operation and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Its current production capabilities are 820 ton / day pulp and 713 ton / day paper.

For further information, please contact:

Atsushi Yamamoto, Country Manager, Automation, Japan, Valmet, tel +81 - 367443074

Risto Ikäheimo, Manager, Pulp Analyzer, Automation, Finland, Valmet, Tel +358 - 0400406094