Pulp makers’ strong confidence in Valmet continues

Oct 15, 2018

Pulp mills around the world placed a record number of orders for Valmet analyzers, advanced process control solutions and performance services in 2017.

Brown stock quality analyzer for kappa numbers

For the third year in a row, the sales of Valmet analyzers, advanced process control solutions and performance services reached a new record although competition is continually tightening. Valmet received a record number of orders for them from pulp mills around the world.

“Over the past and present year, we have delivered solutions and services to mills around the world, both large and small. A high number of our analyzers have been installed in pulp mills to replace earlier-generation devices with ones that feature proven technology with a long track record of providing high accuracy, availability, reliability and safety in chemical pulping processes,” says Risto Rinne, Business Manager, Fiber Line Measurements, Analyzers and Process Optimizers, Valmet.

Valmet has been in this business for over 40 years, and Valmet analyzers for pulp mills have become the industry standard. “Customers have learned to trust our capabilities. They know that with Valmet solutions and services they will be able to reach the quality level that they are after and will be able to lower their operating costs,” Rinne points out.

New products and services utilizing the Industrial Internet

To meet growing customer needs and enable mills to perform better, Valmet continually develops its product and services offering. A good example of this is the introduction of the Valmet Brown Stock Quality Analyzer (Valmet Kappa Q1) in 2017. It has been developed as a stage-specific analyzer to provide increased measurement frequency of the Kappa number in high-yield kraft pulping. The new analyzer has been enthusiastically received by customers.

“Additionally, we are increasingly utilizing the numerous benefits brought by the Industrial Internet to contribute to our customers’ success. With Valmet Industrial Internet applications, we are able to collect data for our own use and further provide it for our customers in a right format. Recently, we launched online performance reporting services for analyzers. As far as I know, this is a service not provided by any other supplier in the world,” Rinne continues.

Valmet’s strengths lie in its strong background as an equipment supplier and capability to combine the process, measurements, control technology and services under one umbrella.

Approaching the milestone of 500 Kappa Analyzers

Did you know that almost all greenfield pulp mills started up in the 2000s are equipped with Valmet Kappa Analyzers? Up to date, Valmet has installed over 470 of them in pulp mills around the world since its introduction in 1992. Today, all leading chemical pulp producers worldwide use this technology in their processes.