Valmet IQ Moisture Control Concept

Valmet IQ Moisture Control Concept provides comprehensive energy management of the whole process. Benefits include direct measurement of moisture through the process, energy savings by water removal optimization as well as enhanced machine monitoring and diagnostics.


Valmet IQ Dryness Measurement enables continuous measurement of water removal and consistenty changes. Energy savings are possible with vacuum and loading blades optimization. Futhermore, Valmet IQ Dryness Measurement has optimal dryness and reduces starch usage. 

Valmet IQ Single-Sided Moisture Measurement has compact design with special optics that allow flexible installations positions. Its online measurement provides reduction in start up and grade change times. In addition, Valmet IQ Single-Sided Moisture Measurement attains even moisture profile through the machine in scanning applications.

Valmet IQ Multipoint Moisture Measurement utilizes flexible number of simple, compact and cost-effective fiber optic probes. It enables dryness development along the machine from press to dry end as well as steam balance and tension profile management.

Valmet IQ MW Moisture Measurement provides accurate averages and full sheet CD profiles from the very first scan. On-line analysis tools give a clear view to process data. In addtion, accurate CD and MD controls and even end quality are some of key benefits of Valmet IQ MW Moisture Measurement.

Valmet IQ IR Moisture Measurement provides accurate high-resolution moisture profiles, that enable more precise control of MD and CD properties. Simultaneous, multi-wavelength signal detection with a superior sample rate, combined with the sensor’s high-efficiency single spot optics provides accurate percent moisture readings independent of fillers or carbon black in the sheet, and in most cases, without a need of separate basis weight measurement.