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Valmet IQ Dryness Measurement

The Valmet IQ Dryness Measurement (IQ Dryness) is a microwave-based system for measuring dryness in forming sections. Accurate measurement feedback helps you tune water removal to increase the dry content of paper and board sheets.


Increase dryness on any web

Utilizing microwave technology, the IQ Dryness measures the water layer thickness on the web, and more importantly, the dry content of the web. IQ Dryness is not sensitive to conductivity, making it suitable for all grades of paper and board, and is accurate to within 0.005 mm.

Save through real-time measurements

Online measurements from the IQ Dryness close the information gap between the stock approach system and dry end quality. By improving dewatering with real-time data, you can better control the amount of the drying for significant energy savings and less breakage.

Compact, multi-sensor solution

IQ Dryness utilizes a stable, trouble-free ceramic foil contact. The small sensor size enables effective measurement in locations that were traditionality unattainable. As many as 32 individual sensors connected to one system unit.

Temperature, wire and basis weight compensations guarantee reliable results across varying conditions. Foils can be removed, cleaned and re-installed while the machine is running.

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