Valmet IQ MW Moisture Measurement

Valmet IQ MW Moisture Measurement is dual sided and non-contacting. It provides the moisture content of a web by measuring microwave resonance changes that take place with moisture content changes.


The moisture sensor is a dual-frequency cavity resonator excited by a low-power microwave signal. One resonance frequency varies in proportion to the total moisture in the sheet. Another frequency, insensitive to the water, is used as a reference. The frequency difference between the resonance peaks is a measure of the moisture content. Combined with an accurate basis weight measurement, the result is a reliable measurement of the moisture content.

The microwave moisture measurement is particularly suited to multiply boards since the longer wave microwave energy pe-netrates through the entire sheet measuring the moisture in all plies with equal sensitivity. It is not affected by moisture strati-fication, freeness changes, sheet composition, or contaminants from recycled furnish. Neither web fluttering nor varying air humidity affects the measurement performance. Temperature changes are automatically compensated in the moisture readings.


  • Accurate and stable measurement for precise control of moisture in machine and cross directions covering all applications from paper to pulp.
  • Faster on-spec quality and therefore reduced start-up waste.
  • Reduction in rejects due to moisture streaks, roll quality and related issues.
  • Minimization of energy consumption by precise moisture control.
  • Allows moisture to be increased to save furnish in some grades.