Valmet IQ Fiber Orientation Measurement

Valmet IQ Fiber Orientation Measurement provides accurate and fast fiber orientation information to paper- and boardmakers.

Real time information opens up the possibility to control and adjust fiber orientation angle by online. New image analysis technique of IQ Fiber Orientation measurement allows for a more accurate and much faster way to control web curling, runnability and quality.


One-sided IQ Fiber Orientation measurement measures the fiber orientation of a moving paper sheet by using high-speed image capture and image analysis technology. The illumination of the measured area is done with several LED flash lights from different directions around the camera. The LED flash light intensity is controlled to be able to take the most accurate pictures for the analysis. The high resolution camera on the same side of the web takes snapshots of the sheet as the light source flashes. Surface orientation analysis is done by the sensor’s sophisticated image analysis algorithms.


  • Accurate and stable fiber orientation measurement for precise control of sheet properties in machine and cross directions.
  • Measurement gives an instant response to fiber orientation variations caused by process operation changes which may cause quality and runnability problems.
  • Measurement enables fiber orientation CD control
  • Gives tools for better production planning and changes.