Valmet IQ Fiber Orientation Measurement

The Valmet IQ Fiber Orientation Measurement (IQ Fiber Orientation) measures the orientation of fibers in a moving paper sheet. Utilizing high-speed image capture and analysis technology, the one-sided sensor delivers online measurements for controlling fiber orientation angle in real time.

Get accurate, real-time fiber orientation measurement for all types of paper and board

Precisely control MD and CD strength with reliable fiber orientation information

Instantly responsed to fiber orientation variations caused by process changes

Reliable fiber orientation insights in real-time

Fiber orientation issues are often at the root of sheet curl and twist. Incorrect orientation can also lead to uneven shrinkage, tensile stretch, and stiffness, leading to runnability problems in printing and converting.

The typical way to manage orientation profiles has been offline optimization, resulting in production loss and quality problems after, for example, grade changes, due to the delay.

The innovative Valmet IQ Fiber Orientation enables faster, more accurate control of web curling, runnability and quality in both paper and board production. Continuous online measurements eliminate delays and help you optimize production and control quality.

Advanced analysis for key orientation measurements

The Valmet IQ Fiber Orientation uses high-powered LEDs and a high-resolution CCD camera to capture images of the sheet surface. The LEDs flash from different directions around the camera for even illumination as the camera takes snapshots of the sheet. The light intensity is automatically controlled to get the best images for the analysis.

Sophisticated image analysis is built into the sensor for advanced fiber orientation analysis. The sensor provides surface fiber orientation angle, anisotropy, MD/CD orientation ratio and min/max orientation analysis.

The online measurements are unaffected by machine speed or basis weight, and with no moving parts in the sensor, you can be certain of minimal maintenance and a long life. Double-walled, insulated housing and temperature stabilization eliminates condensation, while an automated dry air purge removes humidity and dirt to keep the measurement stable and reliable.