Valmet IQ Silicone and Adhesive Measurement

Valmet IQ Silicone and Adhesive Measurement measures silicone and adhesive weights and also moisture content. True digital signal processing and factory pre-calibration ensure superior sensor accuracy. The accurate scan averages and high resolution CD profiles measured by IQ Silicone and Adhesive provide a solid foundation for Valmet IQ’s machine direction and cross-direction silicone and adhesive controls.


  • True silicone and adhesive profiles at the highest resolution and scanning speed lead to more accurate and stable onsheet measurements and more precise control of MD and CD properties
  • Allows silicone and adhesive savings due to accuracy online measurement
  • Faster on-spec quality and reduced startup waste
  • Better machine runnabilty and lower break rate because of reduced profile variation
  • Reduction in rejects due to silicone and adhesive streaks, roll quality and related issues
  • Process variation diagnostic capability through fast 12 ms measurement rate


The Valmet IQ Silicone and Adhesive Measurement is designed especially for demanding paper and self-adhesive laminating applications to measure silicone coated release liners. The measurement wavelengths, calculation algorithms, optical construction and measurement speed are optimized for high speed fiber based webs.

IQ Silicone and Adhesive is a single-sided, direct reading measurement of silicone and adhesive weights on paper. Infrared energy generated by the sensor is preferentially absorbed at specific wavelengths by constituents in the sheet. By analyzing the backscattered infrared signal at specific wavelengths in near (NIR) and middle infrared (MIR), the amount of silicone and adhesive are read directly. The sensor also simultaneously measures amount of clay and surface moisture content of the sheet.

IQ Silicone and Adhesive measures –CH bonds which all silicone and adhesive types have. This makes it possible to accurately and independently measure
silicone without any disturbance of the clay in base paper. Unlike XRF (x-ray fluorescence) based measuring instruments are measuring amount of Silicon (Si) and affected Silicon amount of base paper clay. 

A superior signal to noise ratio and better accuracy is achieved by using dedicated processors with DSP technology in each sensor head. The sensor’s internal standardization, built-in diagnostics and temperature stabilization techniques ensure accurate readings in hot and dirty environments. Normal sheet flutter does not affect the sensor’s readings.