Valmet IQ Surface Measurement

Gain total control over sheet surface quality with the Valmet IQ Surface Measurement. State-of-the-art lighting and camera technology are combined with unique image analysis to deliver a full range of surface quality measurements.

Precisely control sheet smoothness or roughness for the optimal printing features

Predict printability and ensure you meet quality expectations

Improve response times to changes in sheet surface properties with real-time data

Capitalize on surface quality opportunities

Real-time information of sheet surface properties allows you to optimize printability earlier in the process, already in the paper and board machine. The IQ Surface measurement gives an instant response to surface quality changes caused by, for example, base sheet, coating and calendering variations.

The advanced image analysis techniques of the Valmet IQ Surface enable more accurate and reliable surface quality measurement for all types of paper and boards. Continuous online measurement provides an opportunity to optimize runnability in finishing and converting machines, as well as improve end-product printing and overall quality. Reactive faster and make corrective actions for off-spec production.

Sheet topography in real time

The single-sided Valmet IQ Surface Measurement determines the surface quality of a moving sheet using high-speed image capture and analysis technology. Several high-powered LEDs illuminate the measured area with a pulse of light from different directions. The high-resolution camera captures clear images of the sheet as the light flashes.

Sophisticated image analysis in the sensor extracts surface characteristics and generates accurate measurements for key surface quality parameters. Live and filtered topography images can also be directly transferred to operator displays for visual assessments.