Valmet IQ Surface Measurement

The accurate machine direction and high-resolution profiles measured by Valmet IQ Surface Measurement provides a solid foundation for producing high quality paper and board.

Real time information of sheet surface properties makes possible to optimize printability already in paper and board machine. The IQ Surface measurement gives an instant response to surface quality changes caused by base sheet, coating, calendaring or their interaction changes. New image analysis technique of IQ Surface measurement allows for a more efficient and more accurate surface quality control for paper and board makers compared to conventional methods.


One-sided Valmet IQ Surface Measurement measures the surface quality of a moving paper sheet by using high-speed image capture and image analysis technology. The illumination of the measured area is done with several LED flash lights from different directions around the camera. The high resolution camera on the same side of the web takes snapshots of the sheet as the light source flashes. Surface analysis is done by the sensor’s sophisticated image analysis which defines all surface quality parameters. Also, it is possible to transfer topography pictures directly from the QCS system to the operating displays for the analysis.


  • Accurate and stable profile measurement for precise control of sheet surface properties in machine and cross directions.
  • Predict printability already in paper mill by online and enables the reduction of customer complaints.
  • A vast amount of different surface quality parameters also very smooth grades eg. PPS Smoothness, Bendtsen Roughness, Variability, Surface Index, Holes, Peaks, Power/Wavelength
  • Measurement gives an instant response to sheet surface properties variations caused by process operation changes like coater blade changes.
  • Measurement enables sheet surface properties optimization and helps paper and board makers improve product quality while reducing waste and lowering production costs.
  • Gives tools for better production planning and changes.